Mutual Guarantee Is The Key To The New World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the principle of mutual guarantee, and what is its role in the balance of things that you are talking about?

Answer: Mutual guarantee is the principle which operates at all levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature and should also be carried out at the human level in the connection between us. Studying nature, we see that all its elements are linked by one rule regarded as a “guarantee.” After all, if one part stops caring about the other, the organism will die. Everything is mutually connected, exists in homeostasis, reciprocal relationship, and exchanges nutrients and information.

As in our body, the heart, lungs,  kidneys, and all of its organs are servicing the entire organism. No organ works for itself; they are all bound together. Each of them serves the others, not itself; it takes from the body as much as is necessary for it to work for the benefit of the entire body. Other than this, it does not require anything.

How many calories,how much  information, and what certain abilities do I get? Just as much as is necessary in order for me to use all that I have to bestow to the organism in a special, form inherent to me so that I give to it what it needs. All that enters me is multiplied by my ability to render special service throughout the body, and this is what I bring out of myself. As to me, I do not keep anything for myself and only use everything to carry out my mission with respect to the entire system.

But what do I get out of it? After we start to live at this level in total harmony, in a perfect integral form, each of us earns the right to belong on a higher degree, a completely different level of existence. Then we reach a state where we do not simply dwell in a biological, protein body, but also feel the emotions and mind of the human degree.

Why is it so? In animals, the body works naturally, in the instinctive connection between them, in balance with nature. It’s because at the still, vegetative, and animate levels everything acts according to homeostasis.

But if a person enters the same integral picture of still, vegetative, and animate degrees in a harmonious, integrated form as well, he does so against his will, by doing a lot of searching, experiments, and self-analysis. He raises himself to the integral level and takes his mind and senses along. And then he studies this system from above since he attains it. After all, without attaining it, he cannot exist as an integral part, along with all other people.

Then I step out of myself and begin to experience this very system. I do not view myself apart from the others, but perceive us all as one, and this is the highest system called “Adam” or “Man,” identical to omnipotent nature. Thus, we rise to this level, not each of us individually, but all of us together in our common system. We can see how bound we are and reveal a new dimension called “Human.”

But today we have not reached the human degree since we are governed by our ego, programmed in us by nature. Hence, we are viewed as animals. Today, we cannot be regarded as humans since we don’t have anything authentically our own. We live and act instinctively, inside ourselves, within our desire to enjoy.

But when we go against our wishes and build our relationship, the mutual guarantee, we then rise to the level of the integral system, omnipotent nature. Whereas today, we act below this level.
From the talk about a new book 7/11/2011

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  1. I am quite interested in the subject. Can you give more information? How this system is expected to find its way in our corrupted society of selfishness and lack of empathy? How could we change all that? How could we become self aware and conscientious to respect all living things on earth?

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