Love Will Cover All Sins

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe period of preparation is called the period of “sins and transgressions.” You can object and say: How was it a transgression if I had no understanding or knowledge of anything?

Yes, you didn’t know but you acted. And even though you tried to follow the instructions of Kabbalah, you studied and were in a group, you did it all for your own sake. This is why unknowingly, you carried out the actions in the group and studies egoistically, instead of performing them for the sake of bestowal. You tried to use your friends and Kabbalah for your own sake, and these sins are called either “intentional transgressions” or “unintentional mistakes, negligence.”

Later, when we rise to a spiritual degree and acquire the strength to act for the sake of bestowal, we correct these sins. At first we correct the “mistakes,” and by doing so we rise to the degree of Bina, bestowal for the sake of bestowal, trepidation. And then we correct the “transgressions” for bestowal and acquire the degree of love, absolute faith.

Where do the transgressions and negligence which we correct for bestowal and love on the degree of Bina and Keter come from? They were once saved in our egoistic desires, as it is written: “The beast will swallow and spew out.” And this is how we have collected a number of transgressions that we can now correct.

But a person who doesn’t enter the group and doesn’t begin to study to attain the goal with whatever intention he is capable of, doesn’t commit “transgressions” or make “mistakes.” He has nothing to correct at all; he lacks the “evil inclination.”

This “egoistic inclination” that Kabbalah speaks about is a special quality. We form it while in the group, when we study, when we aspire to bestow (Lishma), when we are certain that we currently exist in egoism (Lo Lishma), and when we commit horrible transgressions by wanting to attain spirituality for our own sake and to reap rewards in all the worlds.

This is how we accumulate transgressions and mistakes within us. And until we gather a full measure of them over the “400 years of the Egyptian bondage,” we are unable to escape them and begin correction.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/19/2011, ”The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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  1. If people who are not studying are out there in the world making a profit off of someone else’s tragedies in life, like the press, etc. Then how can we say they do not have the evil inclination? I’m not saying this as someone who thinks they don’t have an evil inclination themselves, if I didn’t think I wasn’t like these people in some way, by nature, then I wouldn’t be studying in the first place. I can easily see what you mean by people studying for themselves, but I study so I can be a better person for my friends, although, prior to studying Kabbalah I went out to the movies, etc for the same reason of helping them or giving them company or doing it for them anyway. I want my friends to be happy and to fullfill their desires, that is why I have always done it. I can say though, that before studying Kabbalah, I wasn’t as good as expressing what I do in my internal world before, because I kept it all hidden and to myself. Mainly because no one else was like me, I had no one else to talk to and I am not Jewish. I don’t say this because I think I’m so special and great, anyone can study Kabbalah and be like me in this way. Studying Kabbalah isn’t for me anyway, it’s for the world and correcting it. I don’t know, those are just some thoughts I have about it I wanted to share. Thank you for sharing this.

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