On The Threshold Of A Third Intifada – Part 4 “Salvation Is In Our Hands”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is the separation of the Jewish people connected to today’s intifada?

Answer: Unity is found at the foundation of the Jewish people; so we can exist only in unity. And if we don’t, then an intifada and other misfortunes begin.

It was written in the Babylonian Talmud two thousand years ago, “Calamities don’t come into the world except for the sake of Israel” (Yebamot 63a).

And today this is becoming much more current. The world wasn’t round then; a closed integral system that connects everyone together had not yet been revealed.

These connections have been revealed in our time, and it has become clear that all of us depend upon each other: all peoples, all nations. So we must find the solution to correct this connection so that it won’t be forced, imposed forcefully upon us through nature, from which it is impossible to escape, and so it will be desirable and good.

Imagine people who strongly hate each other are put into a single room and the door locked. This is exactly the way human society looks today. Today we exist on the surface of a small planet that has become very crowded for us and we hate each other, but we have nowhere to run away to.

Comment: In the same way two peoples have been closed together in Israel!

Answer: But it is only the people of Israel who have a choice; no one else in the world has a solution to correct this situation. It is as if they pushed us into a jail cell with twenty criminals who immediately began to plan how to lynch us, cut us to pieces, hang us, or just beat us from morning to evening.

What does a person who finds himself in a situation like this do? He goes crazy from fear because he has nowhere to hide. This is our situation, and gradually we are getting closer to really feeling this way.

Comment: Today people are afraid to go out into the street, children are afraid to go to school on the bus.

Answer: Nature will organize problems like this for us so that we really will not know what to do. It will even be impossible to just sit at home without going out into the street. It will even be impossible to hide at home. It will be impossible to find a quiet place.

If we, the people of Israel, are the element that is able to change its influence on the entire system, we can not run away from our mission, like the prophet Jonah. We are obliged to implement it, i.e., we must bring the whole world to the right and good unity. We are to blame for the world being as bad as it is.

In the Midrash it is written that the salvation of the people of Israel will not come as long as the Jewish people haven’t completely united.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 10/11/15

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