On The Threshold Of A Third Intifada – Part 2 “Unity As A Defense Against Calamity”

laitman_936In the Talmud it is written that “All calamities come to the world only for the sake of the people of Israel” (Yevamot 63a), to force us to realize our freedom of choice, to choose the good way and to draw the whole world after us.

This is because we must be a “Light to the nations” (Isaiah 42:6), but according to our behavior today, we are not bringing any Light and are not considered the people of Israel at all. Israel are those who maintain the general rule, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18)

Comment: But our people try to behave most humanely!

Answer: We are within a system of the laws of nature, and we must clarify precisely what we need to do to be compatible with them. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the wisdom of the world and “God” is “Nature”; therefore, we must examine nature and understand exactly what is required from us, and not just try.

It is necessary to examine precisely: have we conformed to the requirements that are imposed upon us or not? We must achieve unity between us, the general rule “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If we achieve this, then we solve our problems.

In the book Maor VeShemesh, it is written that “The essential defense against all calamities is love and unity. As long as love, unity and friendship dwells within Israel, no troubles can dominate it, and all the evil defamations and suffering move away from them.”

Question: How is it possible that due to our unity we protect ourselves from trouble?

Answer: The idea is that our world is “round,” closed. All of the parts of nature: still, vegetative, and animate, and humanity are connected together in a single system that is revealed from generation to generation as a network of strict connections.

Our success is determined by our degree of accommodation to this system, and all of our problems can be explained as a lack of accommodation to it. Today we find ourselves in a world in which no leader understands according to which laws the world operates and how it is necessary to manage it to attain some kind of success.

A number of decades ago, in the time of Churchill and Truman, there was nothing like this. So it was still possible to manage the world through aggressive authoritarian systems like Stalin.

Today a method like this won’t work anymore; what will work is only the same “identical” attitude towards the world, as all of it is itself. This is because the general network has been revealed, and in this situation nothing will help if the people of Israel who have the method of association don’t bring the entire world to unification.

A circle is association. We are discovering that all of us are connected with each other, whether we want this or not. We are living in an integral, global world that is mutually connected. There is nothing to be done about this connection except to unite and connect people; this is the main thing.

This secret, which is the foundation of the wisdom of Kabbalah, is the possession of the people of Israel. It makes it possible to connect and unify people; without it nobody will succeed in doing this, and through this connection and consolidation, all problems are solved. Therefore it is written, “All calamities come into the world only for the sake of the people of Israel” to show us that we have not yet united and haven’t brought the entire world to the long-awaited unification.

To be continued….
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 10/11/15

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