A People That Determines The State Of Humanity

laitman_942Question: The people of Israel must show that the one thing that makes a person an Adam (Man) is the quality of internal unity with others. Does this mean that everything external—which is called civilization, technology—must lose its value in our eyes?

Answer: There is a complete collection of laws found in the foundation of the existence of our people. They were established by our father, Abraham, 3,500 years ago. If we begin to implement them, everything will be okay, and, if not, then first and foremost, it will be bad for us and after that, for the entire world.

In a world in which eight billion people live, we are that small group that determines the state of all of humanity, and humanity gradually is beginning to understand and feel this subconsciously.

Whether humanity wants it or not, in any case, it will try to solve this problem, and the problem lies in this: that if we behave incorrectly and become the source of their suffering, then we should be destroyed.

What would we do in anyone else’s place if there were something that caused pain in our hearts? We would try to annihilate it!

So, there is nothing unnatural about Hitlers, Arafats, and Ahmadinejads reaching dominance. Without a doubt, they will continue to appear again and again as long as we behave like this!

Question: Does it follow that we must suffer?

Answer: We must suffer because we have not attained unity, and in this way we are causing the entire world to suffer. Moreover, through our behavior, we arouse and summon sufferings on a higher level.

Question: So, in what way does anti-Semitism help us if it doesn’t bring us to real unity?

Answer: It leads us to unity. Under its pressure, without a choice, we begin to become closer. However, this is just a preliminary unity, compulsory for softening the pressure from above, whereas we need to reach such an understanding of the process when we willingly begin to come closer!

This is imperative for us for our own sake because otherwise we are not a people. We need to begin to unite because with this we bring good to the world, inclusive unity. We become a light to the nations.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/14/15

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