With Our Correction – We Correct The World

laitman_749_02Comment: The first Zionists hoped that if we returned to the Land of Israel all the good things in our nation would reawaken.

Answer: What did the Zionist base their hopes on: the belief in the good inclination of mankind? This is a myth that was never really true. Herzl said that everywhere we ever lived, we honestly tried to integrate and be part of the other nations, but they didn’t want us. If the nations of the world hadn’t objected, we would certainly have assimilated among them because we wouldn’t have focused on what we are.

We prayed to be given the chance to build a state just like any other state but our own: “Just give us a chance and we will not bother you; everything will be quiet and peaceful.”

Question: What does a Jew have to do when he sees the animal hatred in the eyes of an anti-Semite? Does he explain to his enemy that his people have given the world many Noble Prizes?

Answer: We can say whatever we feel like, but the anti-Semite understands that it isn’t really so. He feels it in his bones that Jews are the source of evil in the world. We have to give other people the method of unity. This is what they demand of us. The world has been in a state of endless wars for ages because the Jews don’t provide it with a method that can replace the wars.

Question: So what should I say to the anti-Semite?

Answer: “Let’s discover together why there is a phenomenon such as the Jewish nation in the world: where it is, what it should do, why you hate it, and how do we explain to the people that everything stems from nature’s upper plan.” But generally speaking, we simply have to show ourselves that when we connect we become one united nation, and the moment we achieve this according the principles laid down by  Abraham, everything around us quiets down and all the storms cease.

We only need to attain mutual understanding among us: unity, to become as one man in one heart, to ascend to the level of love thy friend as thyself. Then we will immediately see how the same thing will be revealed in the world. All this will happen without saying a word to anyone!

Even if we were locked up in a big ghetto and the nations of the world could not see us, once we reached a state of unity the world would immediately quiet down.

The main thing for us is to reach unity of the hearts, which means to rise above our ego. When we correct ourselves, we can correct all the nations, the whole world.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/14/15

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