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Human Developmental Stages

laitman_232_04Question: The spiritual level is above the human level, and in order to go out to it, one must bring our internal characteristics of reception to a state of bestowal. What is the level that is under the still level, and how do we pay attention to it, feel it within us?

Answer: Under the spiritual still level is the same level you are in now, the beast, meaning perception through your beastly body alone.

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Becoming Integrated With The Program Of Creation

Laitman_712_03Question: Does the term “higher intelligence,” “Creator,” exist?

Answer: Certainly. Even if you are talking with astronomers and physicists, they will confirm that a higher intelligence, a higher program, exists.

Astronomers say that this universe is a thought, but we don’t perceive it. We don’t understand it, but it manifests itself. All that exists around us is the realization of the thought of creation. God, the Creator. This is nature.

Question: Many have seen the movie, The Matrix, where there is also a program, and everything is built within it.

Answer: Partially, this is the truth. The hypotheses of humanity are correct, but the wisdom of Kabbalah is talking about how to realize all of this.

Our role is to enter into this program, perceive our place in it, and manage our destiny. This is because there is a place for everyone there that is designed specifically for him.

Through my destiny, I manage the world, improving it specifically by entering into the program of nature, and I cannot destroy this world because, through my integration within the higher system, I can improve it only for the better.

Question: Wouldn’t you expect it to be dangerous if harmful people were to connect and manage the world?

Answer: This is precisely the idea. They will not be able to connect! General rules and clear and precise limits exist. When you connect for entry into the system of management, you become an integral part of it, meaning that the person stops being a scoundrel. There is no possibility of damaging anything here. Everyone should come!
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/15

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Moses Or Korach?

laitman_546_02The Torah, “Numbers,” 16:15 – 16:17: Moses was exceedingly distressed, and he said to the Lord, “Do not accept their offering. I have not taken a donkey from a single one of them, and I have not harmed a single one of them.” Moses said to Korah, “You and your entire congregation should be before the Lord you, they, and Aaron tomorrow.

Let each man take his censer and place incense upon it, and let each man present his censer before the Lord; [there will thus be] two hundred and fifty censers, and let you and Aaron each [take] his censer.

On the one hand, Moses says to the Creator, no matter what they bring, “do not accept their offering” because he realizes that one needs the attribute of pure Bina, of bestowal, in order to reach the border of the land of Israel.

When Malchut (the egoistic desires) are incorporated in Bina, even if there is a covenant between them, there is still the state where these desire rebel and demand what is theirs.

Therefore, now, he wants to check his personal attributes and to what extent they really work with the intention of in order to bestow, to what extent their incense rises upward full of the special scent of love and bestowal, or whether there are burning coals left in it that want to swallow and burn everything.

Offering incense is an attribute of MAN (prayer), a test before the Creator as to whether the MAN rises to the upper level and merges with it since the upper level is always called the Creator.

If it does, the people advance, which means that they offer their method of ascent and accordingly can enter the land of Israel directly, despite that the Creator said that they would wander in the desert for forty years and die in the desert.

However, when the offering of the incense is fulfilled, it becomes clear that the egoistic desires still exist in the people and that they sink and are lost in them. Therefore, in order to check what we are really guided by, whether it is by the ego or by bestowal, we must offer our incense to the Creator.

Question: Is this how Moses examines himself?

Answer: Of course! Moses is our most sublime attribute, but Korach and all of those who rebel against Moses are egoistic desires that tell him, you are following the wrong way! We should advance only by our altruistic desire.

This is the reason that we examine these desires inside us. If I believe that they are right (the left line), Moses in me falls, and if on the other hand, they appear as absolute egoistic desires, Moses in me rises again.

This happens because I fully raise all my attributes to the next level, which is called offering incense. The next level shows me either the attribute of Moses or the attribute of Korach, and which of them is more valuable than the other in helping me ascend.

This is where the egoistic and the altruistic components of the next level appear, what is the covenant between them and who will rule, Moses or Korach.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/20/15

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Why Do The Lazy Live Longer?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Op-Ed): “It is believed that getting up early in the morning, an intense work schedule, and active sports lead to success, healthy living, and longevity. However, Peter Axt and Michaela Axt-Gadermann, authors of The Lazy Live Longer, referring to recent research scientists explain that it is a delusion. … A morning run to prevent a heart attack is likely to lead to a heart attack, and torturing oneself in a health club in the best case will not bring benefit. And in the worst case, cause harm. But being lazy and sleeping for a long time is healthy. …

Daily ‘exercises’ like gardening, walking the dog, washing the windows of the house or climbing stairs are sufficient for maintaining health and vigor.

“If we stick to the theory of life energy, physical activity only wastes precious energy reserves. Sports cannot be a guarantee of health and longevity.

‘All things are poisons, for there is nothing without poisonous qualities. It is only the dose which makes a thing poison,’ Paracelsus claimed. This is true for sports training. In modern literature, sport again and again referred to as a protection against cancer. However, this view is probably valid only for moderate physical activity. Intensive athletic exercises in this respect do not carry any health effect. They may even increase the risk of cancer. …

“According to numerous studies, a certain dose of locomotor activity protects against diseases of the cardiovascular system and is good for health. This athletic exercises are not necessary. It is enough to do the same activities that we do every day: walking the dog, going shopping, climbing stairs or mowing the lawn. Try to move regularly; the program consists of half an hour of energetic walking three or four times a week and stretching your muscles for 10-15 minutes three times a week. More than this is unnecessary. From the point of view of metabolic theory, this program is the optimal basis for a long and successful life.”

My Comment: By the way, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, a person doesn’t need to be involved with special exercises to develop the body. Regular activity is sufficient for maintaining the fitness of the body. And further, it is said, “Sitting increases knowledge.”

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Militants Are On Their Way Toward The European Union

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( “Analysts are scratching their heads over the phenomenon of a mass influx of refugees into the EU. Points of view on the causes of this humanitarian catastrophe are many. Bulgarian journalist, blogger Plamen Paskov broadcast Pravda.Ru outlined his views on the matter. The expert believes that the ‘Syrian refugees’ – are an organized operation for the transfer of militants in the EU.

“Something terrible is now happening to the map of Europe. …

“…they are officially called the Syrian refugees…at least 80to 90 percent are not Syrians. …

“These ‘Syrian refugees’ – came mainly from approximately 25 countries.

“But all the media continue to persistently and unanimously dutifully call them Syrian refugees to arouse sympathy and compassion, a desire to help, to absorb, to adopt them. …

“These refuge are not refugees, but militants – the Trojan horse of an invading army.

“First of all, these people are Sunni Muslims. Second, 90% of them are men, even though in Islam it is not customary to abandon the family. Third, 90% of them are aged 35 and under. Does it follow that young, healthy and strong men are fleeing and abandoning their families? …

“Most of them have expensive mobile telephones. Occasionally photographs and videos come out in which they are clothed in uniforms and holding weapons. These are people with combat experience. And now they are entering Europe under the guise of wretchedness and misery.

“All of these people left their documents in their countries and entered through the borders of the European Union without documents. Just about all of them are passing through Turkey, which is a police state where law and order are maintained rigidly. Their route passes by way of the capital, Ankara, not by way of the Bosphorus or Anatolia, where it is impossible for them just to cross that way, especially in such immense streams like these.

“This means that with the help of the police and border guards, Turkey is helping this process which is sending them in groups to Europe. According to information from Syrian intelligence, America is gathering these warriors from 82 nations and preparing them in camps in Libya so that they will be readied combatants.

“From the camps of the true refugees, Turkey is choosing only the Muslims that they require. In no place are there Christians, even though in Turkey alone there are more than two million Christian refugees. It is not clear what happened to the 2.5 million Christians, but none of them are found in Europe.

“They only want to go to Germany, which clearly indicates that this is organized and managed.

“All of the ‘refugees’ paid for their appearance in Bulgaria, no less than 3,000 Euros, and they have close to 12,000 dollars or Euros in their pockets. These are not poor people fleeing from the horrors of war, who are being generously funded.

“Into Christian Europe is flowing an immense crowd of Sunni Muslims, Salafis and Wahhabis. Christians, Alawis, Shiites or other branches of Islam are not coming.

“Why are they not asking for refuge in Jordan, in Saudi Arabia, which are nations that are appropriate for them culturally, ethnically and religiously? No! They need Europe. This is only the beginning; they are preparing the place for the conquering army – ISIS.”

My Comment: Conspiracy? A plan for the destruction of the European Union or Europe in general? We see this as an implementation of the program of the Creator, the dominance of Islam in the end of days of our egoistic world, as was predicted in our sources. After that, the period of change will begin and everything that was written thousands of years ago will begin to materialize in order and on time.

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Another Tower Of Babel

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Andrei Miroshnichenko): “The real shock to civilization will be the introduction of a browser with the ability to translate from one language to another seamlessly, without effort on your part. Imagine you open a Chinese website and you understand everything on it. Or’re far away in Suriname also understands all instantly without any problems.

“This multilingual browser would be a disaster for this civilizational unit. …

“And we get another Tower of Babel. …

“If the printing press, according to McLuhan, established a national state, the multilingual browser, on the contrary, destroys the very principle of the national state, which built the modern world order.

“Strictly speaking, this browser is the full realization of the idea of ​​the Internet. …

“In Western Europe, each wave of the media was accompanied by a certain adjustment period. For example, the first newspaper, in fact intended for the elites, emerged in the early XVII century. In the middle of the XIX century were invented the printing press and cheaper steam driven paper making, reducing the cost of production of the press, there were mass newspapers – the penny press, and there contemporary journalism emerged. That is, the distribution of newspapers from the elite to the masses took just about two centuries and formed a political system that came in the form of the general qualifying the same general reader for voting.

“In the first third of the XX century there was already a radio, even for the mass media, which did not require literacy. It played a crucial role in the formation of fascist, communist and commercial empires, that is, in the formation of modern advertising and promotion. Then came television and the Internet. Each wave of media has created new social relations. …

“… these processes are related to the ‘colorful revolutions,’ religious extremism, international tensions, all this is the ‘new Middle Ages’ – a reaction to the too rapid evolution of the media in recent years. Traditionalist consciousness, which is still at the stage of information broadcast from the ‘top-down’ is in conflict with the open architecture of the network, with its freed authorship.

“… the Gutenberg printing press led to religious wars, revolutionary and reactionary terror, redrew the map of Europe, the continent settled by three types of refugees: political, economic and religious.

“I believe that we are waiting for disasters, comparable in scale.

“More curious is how widespread computerization and speeding the flow of information is combined with counter-tendencies. …

“Imagine from two-dimensional space, we jumped to twelve. Of course, this is a shock. Inevitably, there are reverse reactions.

“The fact that changes are taking place in the media are not limited to changes in personal or social habits. …

“In the transition from book to media, restructuring occurs physiological brain.

“Reading involves language centers, and Internet surfing is a task. …the ability to skillfully use the information on the Internet is developing at the expense of the ability to read length. Internet surfing, incidentally, is very useful for the elderly. After all, the brain has to deal with many small unnoticed tasks: to click – not to click on a particular link. They say this almost invisible training helps Parkinson’s disease . But the brain of a young person in the transition to society from an online book loses the ability to concentrate.

“In fact, long-term focus on an abstract subject initially was not peculiar to man, and in the wild, even dangerous.. . Prior to the book, only priests and hunters were able to concentrate for a long time on one object.

“Thanks to Gutenberg, the ability to focus on abstract thoughts physiologically altered the brain of millions of people, which led to the explosive development of science, the discovery of vaccines, flight into space.

“Today multimedia effects on the brain leads us to the next round of the spiral. The older generation may still have some immunity, some reflection on the transition from the book to online. But the biggest problem here – the education of children. They have no experience of socialization offline, they think the Internet – is something that has always been. And they did not have experience of reading anything of length.

“There is a rhetorical question. For example, Nicholas Carr’s famous question about the Internet, does it make us dumber or smarter, I answer – ‘yes.’

“Immediately after it are seen new horizons – dimensional media, immersive media, induced reality, implantation device, finally connecting to the network of nerve endings.”

My Comment: Everything is evolving only to realize the program of nature, the unification of all of humanity into the image and system of an Adam (Man), a single man. The introduction of all kinds of media will need to complete the unification of everyone into a single organism, into one heart, desire, and mind. This will no longer expressed through technological attainments, but through voluntary ascent above our egoism according to the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.19.15

Writings of Rabash, “Rungs of the Ladder,” “You Stand Today All of You” 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Mutual Guarantee,” Item 25

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