The Laziness Imprinted In Our Genes

laitman_564In the News (from “New research shows that our genes are responsible for our reluctance to work and our inclination to be idle. But why does a person need genes that are responsible for laziness?

“The brain uses 60% of the energy the body produces for thinking. People have directed all their energy in order to find food so that they can preserve their energy and powers. If we weren’t lazy, we wouldn’t be able to survive very long. Lazy and idle people live longer and work whenever they want to and many of them even turn out to be geniuses.

“According to nature’s laws, prominent figures generally take their time in exposing their talent. Darwin, Churchill and Picasso were never the teachers’ pets. Einstein had a reputation of being slow-witted. Practically all the geniuses were assessed by their teachers as incapable and lazy. ‘Talent and mediocre abilities during childhood, little success during teenage and a modest start at work are similar characteristics in the biographies of many prominent people.’

“In addition to the data that we were given by nature we need the right mental environment that can turn a talent into genius. This is the reason that early philosophers believed that what makes a good educator is the ability to teach a child to waste time. Boredom is a great way to develop one’s imagination. Without imagination there is no genius. Einstein said that imagination is more important than information.”

My Comment: According to Kabbalah, we should let the Upper Light, the developing force, operate. This means that we should be tuned to it and not interrupt its work…

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