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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the wisdom of connection there is an exercise called, “Mirror.” Each one sees his own defects in a partner. Suppose that parents have trained in this and now want to include their child in the shared field. With this they see some shortcoming in him; they understand that this is their own shortcoming. Do partners need to work on this?

Answer: Before they include a child in exercises of this type, it’s necessary to explain the psychology of a person to him. For example, let him read a book in which they describe the psychological training that makes it possible to understand who he is and how he perceives the world.

You don’t even teach the child, rather simply want him to understand how limited people are,how much they don’t see and don’t feel their environment, how much they deceive themselves. You explain to a child that by being familiar with himself, he will better understand the surrounding world, society, and his friends; it will be easier for him to connect with them.

This means that first of all it’s necessary to bribe the ego. Just as they give a sugar cube to a circus bear and he performs a task, so also here, you always need to think about some kind of “candy” you will give a child so that he will be interested. With such difficult exercises, children need to be involved children gradually. Certainly it’s difficult for them to overcome their original ego, but then they are drawn into it.

We must be very careful so that the child will not go far in his thoughts and imagination and won’t start imagining that the world is completely reversed, like in a mirror, in that he thinks that you are his reflection. This is because the psychology of children is not yet stabilized, and sometimes this can be damaging and painful.

Therefore here it is necessary to behave according to the inclinations of the child. There are technical people who have great difficulty in understanding this because they basically have a mechanical perception of the world. And there are those, who have an affinity for quantum illusions and uncertainty. So it’s necessary to take into account all the aspects of the child’s character.
From Kab TV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 12/11/13

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