In A Circle Of Friends

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today adolescent youths often suffer from depression; there is no incentive in life, a lack of energy. How does one cope with this problem in the family?

Answer: The fact is that this is an unconscious problem. And it is not because the adolescent suffers from unrequited love or problems at school. In general what concerns him is the interaction with his peers and not the school itself, which for him is no more than a place for competition, who is better and who is stronger.

So parents must try to change their home into a club so that their child’s friends can freely come so that the children won’t feel that parents are some kind of hindrance. Good and pleasant communication is the main factor that prevents the appearance of depression among children. This is desirable and useful both from a psychological point of view and from a materialistic point of view. It is preferable to allow them to communicate in your territory than in dubious places (like bars, various clubs, and so forth).

Question: In the integral method there is a very interesting exercise. Suppose that there is depression or a bad mood with one of the members of a couple, and the other is happy and cheerful. In order to take the partner out of the depression, he needs to enter into the other’s state, to look at the world with the same eyes, to be integrated with the spouse, and then together with him or her, gradually come out of this state. Is it possible to use this exercise with an adolescent?

Answer: It is very difficult to use this with adolescents. I don’t think that this is possible at all. This is an offensive assault. Even if you show that you are ready for any approach, with this, on the contrary, you are inviting arrogance and opposition in him: “I don’t want to!” You must understand the psychology of adolescents. A result like this is also typical of adults who immediately begin to be more arrogant and boastful.

So it is best to interest the child in what attracts him more: sports, dances, and so forth. At this age physical movements throw all kinds of garbage out of the body and the head. It is good if there is a small trampoline in the house that the child can jump on. This will shake all the nonsense out of him.

In the evenings it is possible to organize dances at home, gatherings with his friends, and in general to do something active.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 12/11/13

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