Suicide: A Result Of Dysfunctional Family

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Peter Bezmenov, a child psychiatrist, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, the Moscow Child Psychiatric Hospital № 6): “Adolescence is characterized by a child’s oppositional behavior in relation to adults. Teenagers are trying to prove their independence and autonomy. Suicide is one the ways they are trying to do it.

“Russia is a country with a very high suicide rate. As long as the approach is not systematically changed and the development of child’s adaptive behaviour is not emphasised, a fight with suicide will bring no results.

“If you really set the task of reducing the risk of suicidal behavior in children, it is necessary to conduct activities aimed at families.”

My Comment: This phenomenon will only increase. Until we change the structure of society and feel the need to bring ourselves to one whole good, no other measures will help.

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  1. What do you think about the pilot program in Britain where the government is offering 50,000 people parenting classes?

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