An Assortment Of Spiritual Professions

Dr. Michael LaitmanEveryone’s personal perception of reality develops according to the root of their soul, its character and mentality.

There are people, who are more inclined towards a technical development, while others have a more sensual inclination, as in our world there are humanitarians and technicians in our world. Some study music, literature, philosophy, and others study engineering, mathematics, architecture and so on.

And spiritually, there is a huge difference between them. Why did one Kabbalist write in one style, while another in another? This is a result of the character traits of a person’s soul; each one perceives the spiritual world differently. Subsequently, they complement each other, but as a whole, there is a big difference between souls, much greater than the differences between people in our world.

Of course, everyone perceives the spiritual reality; as we move forward and pass the Machsom (barrier to spirituality), everyone reaches the insight. But to one person, the spiritual world may be revealed in a way that he sees a whole picture and works with the figurative attainment, while another one, with a more technical disposition of the soul, has a perception like that of a physicist in our world. The third one perceives spirituality like a psychologist does in our world, and the fourth one as a simple workman.

In the spiritual worlds, there is a much richer “assortment” of  occupations than in our world, like a projection of one world into another.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/12, The Zohar

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