Signs Of Disengagement From The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why at the time of the Passover holiday is it so important to carry out physical activities in this “imaginary world”?

Answer: This is important so that we will work on them as if we were working on spiritual characteristics. The symbols of the Passover holiday indicate that we want to abstain completely from the desire to receive, to disengage from Pharaoh. After this we begin to correct it, to build the “Golden Calf,” but this is already after the Exodus from Egypt.

We escape and disengage from it, but we take with us gold and silver vessels. In the wilderness all of our desires are awakened again and we regret the loss of the meat, onions, and garlic that we ate in Egypt. All this will be afterward, but for now we simply disengage from Pharaoh.

Disengagement is possible from something that is known to you. We don’t have a feeling of our desire to receive that will make it possible for us to disengage from it because we don’t feel it. How is it possible to disengage from the “heart of stone” if I don’t feel it and don’t understand what this is?

We are in such a state, at the time of the Exodus from Egypt where we need to discover the 49 gates of Tuma’a (impurity), but we don’t know exactly what they are. So we carry out an exercise through symbolic activities in our world that show our desire to be disengaged from our desire to receive for the sake of reception, which is called “Hametz” (leavening).

At the time of the exodus from Egypt it is forbidden for us to be connected with the desire to receive. So we must carry out these conditions precisely: in every place where you can see your desire to receive for the sake of reception, you need to be disengaged from it. Do this action in the physical world also and you will see how difficult this is; it depends upon you and puts you in a unique state.

The symbols that connect branch and root, these unique times, the Kabbalists always related reverently to these conditions.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/31/14, The Zohar

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