Celebrating The Victory Of Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, article “Purim”: It is said that in the end of correction, all the holidays will be annulled except for the Book of Esther because there has never been such a great miracle as on that day. Neither on Saturdays nor other special days such a great Light was revealed but only during the days of Purim. And that is why there is a great advantage of Purim over all other days.

Indeed, before the end of correction it is impossible to correct all the shattered sparks and vessels, but only 288 sparks out of 320 so as to connect them to bestowal. And this is clarified gradually, but there are 32 sparks left of all the sparks, which cannot be clarified.

And this is called the “stony heart (Lev HaEven).” And it is only when all the 288 sparks will be clarified completely, the stony heart will be corrected, as it is said: “And I will remove the stony heart from your flesh, and I will give you the heart of flesh, and then death will disappear forever, and all the evil will be corrected into goodness, and the darkness will shine like the Light.”

It follows that the Light of Purim corresponds to the end of correction and is revealed only by miracle. And for that reason, all the holidays are annulled except Purim, which belongs to the end of correction, when all the evil will be corrected, and there will be no difference between damned Haman and blessed Mordechai, and Haman too will be corrected to goodness.

Haman is the ego that manifests when we rise from the exile and attain the level called “to bestow in order to bestow” that characterizes Mordechai the righteous. The righteous symbolizes the attribute of Bina (Hafetz Hesed) from which we rise even higher and totally erase any memory of Amalek by attaining the level of “to receive in order to bestow.” This is already the next degree.

When Mordechai, the intention “to bestow in order to bestow,” the point in the heart, manifests in a person, he begins to fight with the desire to receive within him. Haman is the grandson of Amalek, which means that he is behind Amalek by two degrees. When Haman is corrected by Mordechai, he gets closer to Amalek by one degree and becomes his son.

Haman and Amalek are the egoistic forces, Klipot (shells). Haman is revealed in the beginning of our path, and we have to bring him to correction, “to bestow in order to bestow,” which is called Mordechai. Thus we rise one degree upwards, to the level of the son. Then we reach Amalek himself, the shell that stands opposite to the intention of “to receive in order to bestow.” This matches the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Amalek symbolizes the egoistic intention, all the big desire to receive with the intention for oneself, which a person discovers and gradually corrects. Haman is the part of Amalek that is revealed upon entering spirituality, the attribute of Bina. Then many other wicked described in the Torah are revealed, and they are all the offspring of Amalek. We only have to destroy the offspring of Amalek, “to erase the memory of Amalek,” because it is the egoistic intention.

Of course, it isn’t about people or actions, but only about intentions.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/2012, Writings of Rabash

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