Building A Spiritual Image

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, “Pekudei,” Item 13: When the Creator wanted to create the world, He looked at the Torah and created it. And He looked at the holy name HaVaYaH, the whole Torah, and sustained the world. The world was created in three sides: wisdom, intelligence, and reason.

In wisdom, as it says, the Creator founded the Earth in wisdom. In intelligence, as it says, He founded the sky in intelligence. In reason, as it says, in His reason abysses were opened. That means that they all have a right to exist in the world. In these three the Tabernacle was built, as it says, and I shall fill it with the spirit of the Lord, with wisdom, intelligence and reason.

The Torah provides a comparison between the creation of the world and the creation of the Tabernacle. If the world was created by the upper force, the Tabernacle was created by man himself and it symbolizes a vessel in which we begin to feel the upper world.

In the corporeal world our desires depict the feeling of this world. We can feel anything according to our desire: according to its style, to its inner states. But when we are not attracted to anything specifically, I don’t perceive this “thing.” If we cut off a certain sense, a person will cease to feel certain objects or phenomena, and will even lose the ability to think, feel, investigate, and examine things.

But when we receive spiritual bestowal from Above, we begin to build a totally different vessel of perception, not of this world but of the spiritual world: a world of forces, attributes, and values. It is actually built on the basis of currents of Light, knowledge, and upper feelings that descend upon us and gradually form the image of the upper world in us.

Just as our body was made of elementary matter and then there were stem cells from which living tissues were formed, we also begin to create the image of the spiritual vessel out of tissues of elementary stem cells, which on the whole is similar to our corporeal body but in a spiritual form.

It has the same organs and arrangement as in the human body but they are in potential and are qualitative. So the spiritual image is called a human being, just as our body is. We build it from the elements that we receive from Above. The Torah is the plan for building a human being, a spiritual vessel that will eventually be filled with wholeness. Just as our physical body is filled with a corporeal life force, so is this spiritual image (the spiritual vessel, the spiritual body) filled with a force called Light, or the spiritual life.

The only difference is that the existence of the spiritual part is totally independent of the corporeal body. The corporeal body may die while this part remains because it already belongs to the world of forces that manage all of creation.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book”10/16/13

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