The Source Of The Spiritual Movement

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book Of Zohar, “Pekudei,” Item 3: It says how much goodness You have prepared for those who fear You, and have acted for those who find shelter in You against people. How much do humans have to see and to learn about the ways of the Lord since everyday a voice decrees and says, beware dwellers of the world, shut the doors of sins, leave the net that hunts people before your feet are caught in this net.

There is a perpetual spinning wheel in the world, which means that the Din (judgment) from Above ascends and descends, raising people and lowering people. Woe to those whose feet have been rejected by the wheel, since they fall into the depth prepared for the wicked of the world.

We learn about two ways of evolving here because a person is given freewill but it is very limited since the plan of creation must be carried out and it is running. The freewill is in realizing this plan independently and in the best way possible and executing it voluntarily.

Even if we see how beneficial this plan really is and how essential it is, our ego still opposes it and doesn’t let us carry it out. And it was originally done on purpose because the two forces, the positive and the negative (negative inside a person and positive on the outside) operate on us and influence us; between them we discover our freewill.

If a person is created by nature, the Creator, the upper force, the Light, he cannot be totally free; he is under the influence of this force like everything in nature.

How can our thoughts and desires be free so that we will be able to exist independently of the Creator? We are given two forces that descend from Above simultaneously, the ego and the attribute of bestowal that appears in us; both are under the control of the upper force and develop in parallel. Between them there is a mutual struggle, rejection, conflict.

If we place ourselves between them, we can choose a state in which the attraction on one side and the attraction on the other side balance one another. The balance point between these two forces is the middle line, and being in it we feel that we are totally free of all the egoistic nature and of the upper nature.

However, there is a problem here: How can we choose anything? A person cannot operate like a donkey. If there are two totally identical objects before him, he doesn’t know what to choose, the moment he feels a yearning for one of them there is an immediate identical yearning for the other, and he is between them, feeling split not knowing what to choose.

Thus we experience very unpleasant feelings: On the one hand, nothing seems to operate on us here, and, on the other hand, we don’t know what to do. It is in this state that a person has the option to create the source of a new movement inside him. This point is the starting point from which a person can raise the human being in him. Before he was like a puppet that the upper Providence operated by pulling its strings.

Only by raising the human being in us do we begin to feel how streams of Light descend from Above and flow into the sea, into Malchut of the world of Atzilut and this is never filled but actually leads us forward.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book”10/16/13

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