Militants Are On Their Way Toward The European Union

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( “Analysts are scratching their heads over the phenomenon of a mass influx of refugees into the EU. Points of view on the causes of this humanitarian catastrophe are many. Bulgarian journalist, blogger Plamen Paskov broadcast Pravda.Ru outlined his views on the matter. The expert believes that the ‘Syrian refugees’ – are an organized operation for the transfer of militants in the EU.

“Something terrible is now happening to the map of Europe. …

“…they are officially called the Syrian refugees…at least 80to 90 percent are not Syrians. …

“These ‘Syrian refugees’ – came mainly from approximately 25 countries.

“But all the media continue to persistently and unanimously dutifully call them Syrian refugees to arouse sympathy and compassion, a desire to help, to absorb, to adopt them. …

“These refuge are not refugees, but militants – the Trojan horse of an invading army.

“First of all, these people are Sunni Muslims. Second, 90% of them are men, even though in Islam it is not customary to abandon the family. Third, 90% of them are aged 35 and under. Does it follow that young, healthy and strong men are fleeing and abandoning their families? …

“Most of them have expensive mobile telephones. Occasionally photographs and videos come out in which they are clothed in uniforms and holding weapons. These are people with combat experience. And now they are entering Europe under the guise of wretchedness and misery.

“All of these people left their documents in their countries and entered through the borders of the European Union without documents. Just about all of them are passing through Turkey, which is a police state where law and order are maintained rigidly. Their route passes by way of the capital, Ankara, not by way of the Bosphorus or Anatolia, where it is impossible for them just to cross that way, especially in such immense streams like these.

“This means that with the help of the police and border guards, Turkey is helping this process which is sending them in groups to Europe. According to information from Syrian intelligence, America is gathering these warriors from 82 nations and preparing them in camps in Libya so that they will be readied combatants.

“From the camps of the true refugees, Turkey is choosing only the Muslims that they require. In no place are there Christians, even though in Turkey alone there are more than two million Christian refugees. It is not clear what happened to the 2.5 million Christians, but none of them are found in Europe.

“They only want to go to Germany, which clearly indicates that this is organized and managed.

“All of the ‘refugees’ paid for their appearance in Bulgaria, no less than 3,000 Euros, and they have close to 12,000 dollars or Euros in their pockets. These are not poor people fleeing from the horrors of war, who are being generously funded.

“Into Christian Europe is flowing an immense crowd of Sunni Muslims, Salafis and Wahhabis. Christians, Alawis, Shiites or other branches of Islam are not coming.

“Why are they not asking for refuge in Jordan, in Saudi Arabia, which are nations that are appropriate for them culturally, ethnically and religiously? No! They need Europe. This is only the beginning; they are preparing the place for the conquering army – ISIS.”

My Comment: Conspiracy? A plan for the destruction of the European Union or Europe in general? We see this as an implementation of the program of the Creator, the dominance of Islam in the end of days of our egoistic world, as was predicted in our sources. After that, the period of change will begin and everything that was written thousands of years ago will begin to materialize in order and on time.

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