The Main Thing Is To Wait For Revelation

laitman_527_06Question: I have a question and I want to understand it with my intellect specifically, and not through emotions and feelings, but specifically to understand it with my intellect. You say that while we are reading The Book of the Zohar we need to grasp it as a cure, like an infusion, like a medicine, with no connection to whether or not we want to understand The Book or not.

However, I feel desire. I constantly feel some lack if I don’t read this book at least once a day. Something pulls me to the text. I want to intellectually understand what this attraction is.

How is it reflected on the intention if the texts simply interest me? Sometimes, I even forbid myself from hearing the reading of The Zohar and, on purpose, listen to another part of the lesson. Is this correct to do?

Answer: Listen to what you want and don’t limit yourself. The main thing is not to make a mistake, but to wait so that the Upper Light, the Surrounding Light, will complete its action, its bestowal, and then to discover its results: your clarification of the revelation of the upper world and the Creator.

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