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Why Do We Need An Additional Sense?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we develop additional senses? Can we use ordinary science to invent instruments that enable people to see what a Kabbalist sees?

Answer: It is impossible to invent such instruments, but anyone can develop his senses and acquire the attributes of love and bestowal in order to transcend the boundaries of this world and feel the upper world, provided he correctly uses the Light that reforms.

If we get closer and establish good relationships between us, developing the sense of mutual bestowal, we draw the influence of the upper Light which provides us with new senses. Then we will see the upper reality, the upper forces, and will be able to use them in order to fully manage our life in all its details. We need the additional sense organ in order to manage our lives and improve them.

It is all in our hands. It is the nation of Israel that are given the opportunity to make our lives happy and to show an example for the whole world.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/16/15

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The Measuring Unit Of Bestowal: The Ten Sefirot

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A scientist needs accurate instruments for his measurements. How can a Kabbalist measure his effect on reality and his own changes? It seems quite impossible.

Answer: On the contrary, when we begin to attain the upper world, we discover to what extent it is impossible to accurately measure anything in our world. A Kabbalist receives an accurate measuring instrument, like a meter in our world, called the Ten Sefirot, with which he measures everything.

If we open the book The Study of the Ten Sefirot (Talmud Eser Sefirot), we will see the accuracy of all the definitions. It is about the physics of the upper world that accurately determine and define the effect of the Light, the response of the vessels, and to what extent the vessels affect the Upper Light. Thus, we receive a detailed picture of all the upper forces that exist around our world and affect us. We discover how we can affect these forces from the bottom up in order to make their affect upon us a positive effect.  It is about accurate actions on our part in relation to the upper forces.

The wisdom of Kabbalah uses very accurate measurements of the Lights, the desires, and the vessels, and this is the highest level of a person’s psychology. The Kabbalistic method allows us to clarify our innermost attributes and to be in contact with the upper forces in order to work mutually and in maximum precision.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/16/15

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The Wonderful World Of Tomorrow

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed specifically in our time because we are in year 5,776, which is at the end of a 6,000 year period of human development that began with the first revelation of the upper force to a human being.

So it is worthwhile for us to use the knowledge of this wisdom as rapidly as possible to leave all of our troubles behind and attain a completely different life. We see how the higher management influences us and constantly puts us into very difficult situations in order to obligate us to reflect on the question,  “What can help us improve our lives?”

Baal HaSulam wrote in the article, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar”, section 39: Now we have shown that the Creator’s desired goal for the Creation He created is to bestow upon His creatures, so they would know His truthfulness and greatness, and receive all the delight and pleasure He had prepared for them… 

So where is all this?! Every person asks: “Where is this good or at least something that isn’t so bad?” And all of this is because we exist within our five senses and these limitations, and without evolving, we cannot attain what the Creator prepared for us. After all, they are not designed for this. We associate this life in which we now exist with our body. But this wonderful life and all the good that is prepared for us by the Creator belongs to our soul.

Question: Is this what is called the “world to come?”

Answer: Yes. But it is written: You will see your world in your lifetime (Berachot 17a).

We need to attain it here in this life and in this world. A person doesn’t acquire the next world after his death; he attains it here in our world.

Even now, we are in this infinite world, but we don’t feel it because our five senses of sight, hearing, smelling, taste, and touch lock us into this minute envelope called “this world.”

If we expand our senses with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah, the wisdom of perception, and immediately depart from feeling this world, outside of its limitations, we feel the world to come, meaning the world that comes as a revelation. And there we discover all the pleasures that the Creator has prepared for us.

Baal HaSulam wrote in Shamati #75, “There Is a Discernment of the Next World, and There Is a Discernment of This World”: There is a discernment of “the next world,” and there is a discernment of “this world.” The next world is considered “faith,” and this world is considered “attainment.”

It is written about the next world, “they shall eat and they shall delight,” meaning that there is no end to the satiation. This is so because everything that is received by faith has no limits. However, what is received through attainment already has limits, since everything that comes in the Kelim of the lower one, the lower one limits it. Hence, there is a limit to the discernment of this world.

Faith is the new force that we acquire with the help of studying the wisdom of Kabbalah. We receive the power of faith, a unique sense that helps us open the borders of this world and begin to feel what is beyond it.

We expand the world just like a child who goes out of his room and sees a vast world: However, what is received through attainment already has limits, since everything that comes in the Kelim of the lower one, the lower one limits it. Hence, there is a limit to the discernment of this world.

Question: What limits is Baal HaSulam talking about here?

Answer: If we go out of our five senses and acquire an additional sense called the sense of bestowal, love, unity, and connection, then through that, we move to a wider world, a more expanded sphere than the one in which we feel our lives and existence.

It is called redemption when you go out of the framework of this world, like from a dungeon or prison where you feel that everything is pressuring you, is limited in time and space, and you cannot be free of all the troubles that crushes you within it, and so you go out into a spacious and wonderful world.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103 FM, 8/9/15

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70 Different Nations Together On The Same Earth

laitman_941Question: Not too long ago, the world stood on the confrontation between Russia and America, on an ongoing cold war between these two countries.

Relationships among these superpowers, one of which always personified a communist dictatorship and the other a stronghold for democracy and freedom, were fundamental in world politics and influencing the state of affairs in the entire world.

Today, the situation is aggravated by new forces that keep showing up on the world arena such as international terrorist organizations, as well as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. How do you evaluate the relations between Russia and the US and the prospect for their development?

Answer: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there are 70 different nations in the world, each with their specific character, speed, and direction of development. The 70 nations spread around the world and established mutual liaisons based on their individual characteristics.

Along with the development of nations and the relations between them, economics, international trade and international relations also advanced. The  military, industry, culture, education, Internet connection also developed in conjunction with each nation’s character.

The 70 nations of the world do not develop in isolation, each on its own. There is a common development program undertaken by international trade and relations between the countries, who exchange goods and information.

Due to cultural development and mass education, the impact of various countries upon each other is extremely strong. It is impossible to present things in just two colors. There is more than just black and white, good and bad.

Each country remains very special: France is France, Italy remains Italy, and Spain is Spain. Each country has their specific features that are based on the character of the people that live in their territory. Besides, there are additions acquired through communication with other countries.

It’s impossible to live in isolation in this world. That’s why each country receives a certain “input” that adds to their national style. Usually, this kind of interference doesn’t benefit the country. Nobody wants it. Italians want to continue living as Italians, Spanish as Spanish, French as French. There is no choice but to accept external additions that impact local national cultures, systems of education, routine behavior, and legal systems.

There is international law. As a rule, it is a number of limitations stemming from UNESCO, the UN, and other international organizations. Willingly or unwillingly, every country has to accept their rules although sometimes they can be a burden for a country.

If we speak about Russia and the US, we have to realize that these countries are cardinally different because of their peoples’ nature. The US was founded by Anglo-Saxons and Germans. During the time America was founded, almost 40% of the people living there were Germans. There was even an issue about which language would become the national language in the country: English or German.

Therefore, the old spirit of America was both English and German, with a little French influence. But it was relatively homogeneous European culture that laid the foundation of the nation.

Russia is quite the opposite in spirit. Russians really differ from all other nations. Russians originally came from Asia and later dwelled in the European part of the Eurasian continent. In fact, Europe is not an appropriate place for Russians at all. This explains why this nation possesses a unique character, not very pragmatic.

For Russians, the most important thing in the world is their national pride. They expect other nations to respect and fear them; nothing else matters. If they feel that they are respected and that others fear them, Russians will always be happy with their lives.

In other words, Russians can go hungry and barefoot, but they will still only care about being a strong superpower that everybody fears. It doesn’t matter if other nations consider them stupid; the main thing is that they have to feel that they are heroes. This is the Russian mentality.

Anglo-Saxons exercise a totally different approach, purely pragmatic. They don’t care what other nations think about them and whether they ever take them into consideration or not. The main thing for them is to advance: develop education, culture, industry, etc. to progress.

For Russia the main thing is the unity of the people, national pride and in the US, on the contrary, it is granting each individual maximum freedom, because free enterprise leads to economic flourishment.

It all depends on the national character; that’s why we should never compare one nation to another, nor can we state that one people is any better than the other. They are just different!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/6/15

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Compulsory Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( “Soon the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris will become the largest mosque in Europe. It is not in the power of barbed wire and the military to stop the hundreds of thousands who are suffering. Ninety-eight percent of the refugees are young men, apparently from ISIS, which threatens to flood the infidel nations through them.

“The residents of Munich held a demonstration supporting the immigration policy of the government. As a result of this, the European communications media activated a propaganda virus transforming the population into zombies. People are gradually losing the capacity for independent investigation of what is happening. For some time now, It has been no secret that the instructions and money for the journey of refugees to Europe has been granted by American companies. They organize and direct them according to required paths; otherwise the migrants would not have reached the borders of the European Union.

“They give each refugee a one-time stipend of 2,800 Euros, a furnished and equipped room (or an apartment to those with a family), an allowance of 399 Euros per month, payment for medical services and language schools for the entire period (until the language is learned). In the schools, they cancelled religion classes and removed the crucifixes from the walls. The Imam of the city of Hereford is demanding the introduction of lessons in Islam for all the students in schools, and the Minister of Education is ready to agree. In the city of Eschweiler they banned the ringing of church bells upon the request of the residents, because it disturbs the immigrants. Now they hear only the Muezzin there, and they call the Christmas holiday the ‘Winter Holiday.’ In the month of Ramadan they suggest to the workers in many companies not to eat or to drink so as not to embarrass the Muslims.”

My Comment: The Creator will do whatever it takes for us to implement the program of creation. if we don’t proceed consciously towards connection and unity, this will happen through compulsion from above.

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Refugees: What Will Happen To Europe? Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Tsunami Will Continue

We shouldn’t sit and wait for a “bright future.” We have to help Europe right now. It is already overwhelmed with refugees. This is not just an accidental tsunami, but a series of consequential blows from nature that are meant to trigger changes in humanity as a whole.

It is time to change our nature from egoism to loving our neighbors as ourselves. It involves everyone, but the people of Israel have to be the first in this process.  

If we procrastinate in this stage and don’t work to help the Europeans by explaining to them what is happening, if we don’t explain the essence of the problem and the method for the solution to this disaster, the European tsunami will spread to us as well. The was stated by the prophets Ezekiel and Isaiah.  

One way or the other, the Europeans are at an impasse and until they understand what the true solution is, their troubles will continue. They face a long process full of threats and despair until they realize that only changing their individualistic nature can help them survive and resolve the situation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/27/15

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