The Measuring Unit Of Bestowal: The Ten Sefirot

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A scientist needs accurate instruments for his measurements. How can a Kabbalist measure his effect on reality and his own changes? It seems quite impossible.

Answer: On the contrary, when we begin to attain the upper world, we discover to what extent it is impossible to accurately measure anything in our world. A Kabbalist receives an accurate measuring instrument, like a meter in our world, called the Ten Sefirot, with which he measures everything.

If we open the book The Study of the Ten Sefirot (Talmud Eser Sefirot), we will see the accuracy of all the definitions. It is about the physics of the upper world that accurately determine and define the effect of the Light, the response of the vessels, and to what extent the vessels affect the Upper Light. Thus, we receive a detailed picture of all the upper forces that exist around our world and affect us. We discover how we can affect these forces from the bottom up in order to make their affect upon us a positive effect.  It is about accurate actions on our part in relation to the upper forces.

The wisdom of Kabbalah uses very accurate measurements of the Lights, the desires, and the vessels, and this is the highest level of a person’s psychology. The Kabbalistic method allows us to clarify our innermost attributes and to be in contact with the upper forces in order to work mutually and in maximum precision.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/16/15

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