Compulsory Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( “Soon the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris will become the largest mosque in Europe. It is not in the power of barbed wire and the military to stop the hundreds of thousands who are suffering. Ninety-eight percent of the refugees are young men, apparently from ISIS, which threatens to flood the infidel nations through them.

“The residents of Munich held a demonstration supporting the immigration policy of the government. As a result of this, the European communications media activated a propaganda virus transforming the population into zombies. People are gradually losing the capacity for independent investigation of what is happening. For some time now, It has been no secret that the instructions and money for the journey of refugees to Europe has been granted by American companies. They organize and direct them according to required paths; otherwise the migrants would not have reached the borders of the European Union.

“They give each refugee a one-time stipend of 2,800 Euros, a furnished and equipped room (or an apartment to those with a family), an allowance of 399 Euros per month, payment for medical services and language schools for the entire period (until the language is learned). In the schools, they cancelled religion classes and removed the crucifixes from the walls. The Imam of the city of Hereford is demanding the introduction of lessons in Islam for all the students in schools, and the Minister of Education is ready to agree. In the city of Eschweiler they banned the ringing of church bells upon the request of the residents, because it disturbs the immigrants. Now they hear only the Muezzin there, and they call the Christmas holiday the ‘Winter Holiday.’ In the month of Ramadan they suggest to the workers in many companies not to eat or to drink so as not to embarrass the Muslims.”

My Comment: The Creator will do whatever it takes for us to implement the program of creation. if we don’t proceed consciously towards connection and unity, this will happen through compulsion from above.

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