Can We Learn How To See The Future?

laitman_928Question: I really can relate to your explanation about man’s place in nature, that as a result of his egoistic evolution, he becomes lower and more miserable than all the other creatures. Sometimes I look at my dog and envy his life. He isn’t troubled by any questions and has no problems. His only problem is what to eat right now.

In the past, when humanity was struggling to survive, it didn’t ask about the meaning of life. Now, when we have reached relative affluence and don’t have to struggle for our daily bread, the question of “Why do we need this whole game called life?” suddenly comes up.

It turns out that all of our wisdom, our evolution, and our brain are worthless because they don’t provide us with the answer to this basic question: what should the next phase of our evolution be? Can we see our future?

Answer: If there is a question, an unfulfilled desire, a deficiency, for seeing the future, then we probably can find an answer. There were people in our history who could foresee the future. Interestingly, the future exists! The question is whether we can connect to it.

If we evolve according to nature’s plan, then apparently we can discover, read, understand, and feel it. After all, it already exists in nature in the form of balanced forces. Astrophysicists who study life in space also say that the entire universe is one thought. Scientists who explore nature are quite materialistic, and, at the same time, they claim that we exist in a field of thought.

The software of evolution that operates us is embedded in nature. We are the product of this software, and we evolve according to this scenario. This software manages the balance between the forces of nature. As a result of this balance, elementary particles have connected into objects and bodies, and this is how our entire universe has evolved since the Big Bang until today.

How can we discover this hidden layer of nature? We know that the main law, and, in fact, the only law of nature that determines all our feelings, our understanding and our perceptions, is the law of equivalence of form. According to this law, if I feel something, it happens only because this attribute exists in me in some form.

If I see a yellow or a white color, if I hear sounds and feel flavors, it means that I discern something in my senses, which means that these forces, these attributes, just like the phenomenon that I perceive, exist inside me. This is actually the reason that I can feel that phenomenon. One thing determines the other; my internal model matches the external picture.

We can see that in children who don’t notice many phenomena around them until we explain these phenomena to them, give them suitable games, and help them see, feel and taste things. This means that a person can develop the feeling of the unknown future internally.

We can discover the future if we first explore nature that is above us. If the entire universe is a great software, like in a computer, and what affects us is this one thought, one idea, then we should learn how to become more familiar with it and learn its plans regarding us. How can we connect to it? Which senses, flavors, sensors or thinking do we need? How should we prepare our hearts and minds, which means our desires and thoughts, in order to feel the future?

Here, we encounter a very serious problem. After all, nature, being the upper thought that sustains us and controls us, is absolutely integral, round, and mutually connected. It doesn’t break up into separate components, still, vegetative, and animate nature, and man, or into separate colors and sounds. In nature, everything is connected into one whole that is tied internally.

As a result of the evolution of humanity on this planet, it gradually discovers the connection between people, which is growing stronger. This is despite the fact that we don’t want to connect, and each of us would rather sit alone and have no one disturb him. But it doesn’t work, and each day we discover our increasingly greater interdependence.

Even different scientific fields are becoming integrated today. The same laws, the same relationships, operate everywhere, but in a slightly different manner, and as a result, we divide them into laws that operate on solid bodies, on liquids, gases, and plasma. In fact, there are no differences in nature. We are the ones who divide it into different areas—biology, zoology, mechanics, electricity—and study each area separately. We simply cannot perceive everything as a whole, as one integral form.

We divide nature into different areas so that we will be able to understand it a little. However, there are already many trends that connect several areas, like my first profession, bio-cybernetics. We create more and more interdisciplinary sciences since we realize that, in reality, everything is unified.

In ancient times when science wasn’t so developed, scientists had universal knowledge in all areas, like Leonardo Da Vinci, for example. Each of these great men was a genius in philosophy because philosophy included all the knowledge about nature. However, later, we developed our knowledge of nature to such an extent that one person cannot perceive it all. This is the reason that we had to divide our knowledge into different areas, but it is actually the same system.

Therefore, we should learn, feel, understand, and know the upper plan that operates us at the moment that will operate us tomorrow and in the many years to come. When we get to know it, we even will know what will happen to us after we die. After all, our consciousness, our feelings, and our knowledge, will not die together with our protein body when it ceases to exist. It is an absolutely different matter. These are forces that don’t disappear. We will learn about life outside the body if we become integral like all of nature and become familiar with its plan.

In order to do that, we must develop an integral sense so that all of the people all over the world and all of nature, will connect into one unified system so that there will be no differences between them. If I build my perception this way, I will feel that I and all of the other people connect into one. I suddenly will feel that I live on a higher dimension than the one I live on today. I will begin to feel the plan of creation and the forces by which it operates all of us as one.

You may be afraid to lose yourself as a result and afraid to tie yourself to others, but you should know that it is actually thanks to that that you will begin to get to know yourself.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/23/14

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