The Making Of A Good Year

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we do so that this year will be a real new year for us?

Answer: It is very simple. The Torah says: “I have created the evil inclination.” And indeed all the division and shattering of our world, all the contradictions and the oppositions, the ego and unreceptiveness, the lack of understanding, everything that humanity has been through during its history, is of course, the Creator’s doing. So a person has to come out of his own ego in order to understand Him.

Weak or very egoistic people, who are ready to trample the whole world, are not attracted to this kind of work. On the other hand, they have big egos, are not satisfied with this world, and it doesn’t interest them. They want to control the whole of creation, know everything that happens, and discover everything so that there will be nothing that they don’t know, feel or control.

The revelation of such an ego in a person is indeed a gift from the Creator. This means that a person is ready for attainment and ready to pay everything he has to in order to reach that. Then he finds himself in the right group, where people like him get together.

This group is under the influence of the Kabbalistic method where people come and eventually undergo very serious states of resisting their ego, rising above it, and connecting to one another. They learn all the processes on themselves and feel, discover, scrutinize, integrate and do everything necessary. Eventually, the right picture of the world is formed within them. They build the Creator in the connection between them, because this is the only way He can be revealed.

It is impossible to reveal Him other than by this connection and other than this platform on which He is revealed. It is a force that requires matter in order to reveal Him within it.

Electricity, for example, can be revealed in something such as in the form of a dial moving, wires heating up, or an explosion. Only then can we say that there is some force there. It is the same with the Creator who is simply a force without matter. We have to provide the matter ourselves, so that this force can be revealed according to accurate physical laws.

There is nothing irrational or mystical here. It isn’t religion, but the science of Kabbalah. Therefore, all our attention and all our efforts are focused on how to create the conditions in which the Creator can be revealed. We need to put this matter together by its separate parts, combining the attributes of bestowal, mutual guarantee, and mutual incorporation so that the spirit will appear within this matter.

We sculpt it for a long time and suddenly our statue comes to life. Thus, a man is created out of the dust, out of still matter, becomes a corrected man into which we have poured life. We celebrate this wonderful opportunity we were given during Rosh HaShana.
From KabTV’s “Holidays. Rosh HaShana” 8/6/15

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