A Taste That Cannot Be Compared To Anything In This World

laitman_572_03Question: What special Light should we feel during the holidays? Why have I been celebrating the holidays for twenty years, dipping apples in honey, fasting on Yom Kippur, but, at the same time, have never felt any Light?

Answer: We must correct ourselves into people who can discover the Light so that we will be able to feel it during the holidays and throughout our lives. We are in an ocean of love, but we need a vessel in order to feel it.

Each of us has only a shard of this vessel, so we need to collect these shards and put them together. When we adhere to one another, we will begin to feel the inner filling in our common vessel. If several people want to discover the Light, we can connect and unite, and then feel the Light in our unity.

Question: What is the feeling when the Light is revealed?

Answer: It is impossible to describe it just as it is impossible to describe the flavor of some exotic food that I tasted when I travelled in Latin America. If we speak about ordinary flavors, we can describe them somehow because we compare them to other flavors that are familiar to us.

But the Upper Light is unlike anything else in our world. We can say only that it is a pleasure that totally fills a person to such an extent that he loses the ability to speak. It is such a complete filling that a person doesn’t even want to move, to say anything, or to think about anything, just to totally enjoy this harmony. I wish everyone to become able to attain this.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/30/15

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