Program Of Life, Part 2

laitman_742_03End of Unconscious Development

Question: What is the difference between unconscious and conscious development?

Answer: All this time we have advanced unconsciously, under the negative pressure that pushes us from behind. Nature forced us to advance, pushed us in the back by sending afflictions, unsatisfied desires, and a constant sensation of deficiency.

For a long time now, we have lost hope to see good things in the future; however, the pressure from behind is so huge that it forces us to move ahead. When we look forward and behind, we see only minuses and know beforehand that tomorrow won’t bring us any good. But we hope that tomorrow there will be less sufferings than today. That is already a good thing for us.

This is the tendency of the current developmental stage. We understand that the world degrades and sinks lower and lower, thus losing its prior values. There is nothing ahead of us that might cheer us up, and yet, we move forward because our current situation is unbearable.

It is an insignificant and negative form of development, leading to a further deterioration. Just look at the problems arising in Europe, the Far and Middle East, North and South America, Russia, anywhere in the world.

There is no country where it would be possible to hide from problems. Rest assured that there won’t be a single quiet place on the face of earth soon. Tranquility and peace won’t be available even in the most remote island in the ocean.

It is clear that we are moving in the direction of evil. This explains why the modern generation doesn’t want to have a family and children. We are still at the beginning of this process, but the tendency is already obvious. Anything that happens to us is meant to force us to acknowledge that we must do something about it.

Kabbalah teaches us that if we refuse pursuing the goal of the creation voluntarily, by a good path, we will ll have to advance under duress, as we do now.

The goal that nature set for us is beyond this universe, above our nature. Humanity must develop unlimitedly, beyond the boundaries of time and space. Our current form of existence on the face of Earth is temporary and very limited form.

After a certain stage of development, our properties will be changed. Our organs of perception through which we perceive this material world will be altered. Due to new qualities, we’ll see a different picture of life: an endless world and ourselves in it who have unlimited opportunities, either in time or space.

In order to transition from today’s material picture to a new, unlimited state, we need to undergo cardinal internal changes.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/8/15

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