On The Threshold Of A Third Intifada – Part 8 “The Steering Wheel Is In Our Hands”

laitman_941If a person studies the wisdom of Kabbalah about the structure of the general system, about the laws of its operation, about the system of higher management, and the connection of the people of Israel and all the rest of the peoples, he begins to understand what we have undergone throughout history.

He sees proof and confirmation in the events that have happened in the past and are happening today.

He seemingly receives into his hands the steering wheel of the management of the world, and in truth, this steering wheel is now also in the hands of the people of Israel, but we aren’t turning the wheel correctly and aren’t properly managing this wagon in which all of humanity is sitting. So, we cannot expect others to relate to us well, but if we learn how to turn and control this steering wheel correctly, immediately we would see how this attitude would improve.

We can cite the example of our Kabbalistic groups in 107 countries throughout the world with different peoples and the fact that the explanation about the role and mission of the people of Israel has been wonderfully understood everywhere.

Last year, the world Kabbalah for the People convention was held at the exhibition grounds in Tel Aviv, as it is every year. One of the students from Germany appeared on stage and said that he was very excited about having the opportunity to be in such a society in Israel.

This is because, through studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and the laws of the functioning of the overall system, he had discovered an understanding of the importance and the enormous value of the unique role of the people of Israel.

This was such a strong showing that many in the hall were moved to tears. It is possible to bring another example about a young Muslim youth who came from France to the convention that was held not long ago in Romania, searching for connection and unity.

The nations of the world understand this immediately. It follows from the laws of nature, and not that someone is good and someone else is bad.

The moment we begin to turn to the world through the system of unity, we obligate a positive response from it.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 10/11/15

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