The Situation In Israel: From Ancient Babylon To Present Day

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Last weekend was relatively quiet, we thought that it was about to end, and here on Sunday we came back with a terrorist at the central bus station in Beer Sheva. When will all of this end?

Answer: The situation will not improve and will even become worse. The problem is that the cause for all these events has not been resolved. A few days ago Ynet  published my article, “Who’s Behind The Situation in Israel?” in which I again explained how we can deal with this situation, rise above all the events, begin to calm the situation, and gain control over it.

The reason for everything that is happening is still the same: the lack of connection and unity among us influences the stability of all parts of nature. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that we affect all of nature; whether it is a tsunami, a volcanic eruption, or a hurricane, we are forming all of this volatility.

After all, only through our unity can we have an influence over all the levels of nature —still, vegetative, animate and human—encouraging people to unite themselves and to connect through mutual participation and concern for one another. And the people of Israel provide all of this.

Many articles and books have been written about this. And this is what I have tried to explain in my article with sayings by Rabbi Abraham Issac HaCohen Kook, Baal HaSulam, quotations from the Babylonian Talmud and other sources that are familiar to all the people of Israel in all generations. They all speak unanimously that it is only unity between us that will bring goodness to all of the people of Israel, and the lack of unity invokes all evil.

Question: What is the connection between unity among the people of Israel and goodness or evil all over the world?

Answer: In the sources, it is written that the moment problems, unrest, riots, and conflicts appeared in ancient Babylon, Abraham began to think: “What has happened to these people who were relatively peaceful until now?” From a desire to understand what was happening in human nature and the world, he discovered that there is only one reason for everything— our ego, which was growing in each person and in everyone all together. It is possible to calm all problems down only through connection and unity above the ego.

The ego is constantly growing, keeping us apart and creating more and more tension between us. This is a law and it is impossible to stop it.

We see that this is truly so, and throughout the history of humanity, for thousands of years, our ego has been growing more and more; people have become more and more distant from each other, even though we became much smarter, more understanding and sensitive, and have developed our lives through technology, commerce, and industry. But at the same time, we have become worse and worse in our nature.

The solution to all problems is only the creation of good and wonderful connections between people. Abraham started this, and as Maimonides wrote, a multitude of people joined him and from whom he created a group that would specifically be involved with connection and union between them.

This group became the people of Israel, a people founded on an ideological principle and born from a social agreement of many people who were strangers to each other. So we now feel ourselves to be relatively alien and divided from each other as long as we don’t work on unity between us.

Abraham determined that if we began to connect with each other, we would influence all the rest of the Babylonians. But they didn’t succeed in this because Nimrod, the King of Babylon, was against it. He thought that the inhabitants of Babylon should disperse and settle all over the face of the Earth to calm down the unrest, but this problem still exists today. However, the wisdom, the method that our father Abraham discovered of how to calm humanity down, still exists and is called the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 10/18/15

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