On The Threshold Of A Third Intifada – Part 7 “Cybernetic Wars With Terrorists”

laitman_571_08When a person studies the wisdom of Kabbalah, he learns about the structure of the overall system of the world, about the network that connects all of us and in what form we can influence it, what are our most effective actions in relation to it and how the people of Israel can awaken a positive response toward itself from the peoples of the world, and so forth.

This is purely a technical matter that depends only on the connection and unity between us. Through it, we influence the overall system positively, and this includes the terrorists.

Question: Is this somewhat like a cybernetic war where we penetrate into the depths of the system and insert calming viruses into the heads of the terrorists?

Answer: Right, and now this dependence has become revealed clearly. This structure is permanent and runs all the time. However, today, we are entering a new period where this network is revealed directly within matter, and we suddenly discover that all of us are connected.

So, the people of the world are forcefully beginning to insist that the people of Israel carry out their role.

Question: What else do they want from us? Arabs come at us with knives while, under fire, the Israeli army helps the needy in their territories during military operations, and after that all of Europe blames us. In what way are we to blame?

Answer: We are to blame for only one thing: We aren’t bringing the method of connection and unity to the world. Everything else is not considered. It is as if we haven’t done anything. We can give the world every pleasure and every good. It is known that Israel is a highly technological nation, and the Jews are bringing more scientific discoveries and inventions to the world than any other people.

But no one considers this because we must give the world something else. The world is waiting for the method of connection and unity from us. It cannot exist without that, and all of this is in our hands. They hate us only because of this.

The terrorists who come at us with knives are managed by the same forces of nature that we haven’t counterbalanced from bad to good. There is no choice. We must convey the method of connection and unity to the world. Terrorism will continue as long as we haven’t done this.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 10/11/15

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