How Can We Change The Situation In Israel: Guerrilla Warfare

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: Throughout the history of the Jewish people, there have been continuous wars, terrorist attacks, etc. These events don’t complement one another and accumulate, but are constantly moving in different directions. Operation Protective Edge ended not too long ago and suddenly we are faced with individual terrorist attacks, which is a much more serious problem. You don’t know where to run to because they come unexpectedly.

Answer: We are facing what is often called guerrilla warfare, which is much worse than ordinary war, because you are weaker against it. You cannot fight against it with a regular army and the police too are powerless. Although they try to be everywhere, it is impossible to foresee where an individual terrorist will show up with a knife, a hammer, an ax, or stones in his pocket.

The terrorists main aim is to spread fear and thus assert power over us. This is a clearly verified ideology that includes careful preparation of young people who can be easily lured into an ideological trap and quickly sent to carry out their mission. What is more, these are not single, anarchistic individuals but young people who carry out the plan of ISIS.

ISIS is a very strong and serious ideological movement with billions of dollars. They have a huge army, a lot of armed soldiers equipped with all kinds of weapons.

They have teams of computer experts, ideologists, economists, and lawyers. The fact that this organization has no state structure is working to their advantage.

The supranational structure, which today, like cancer, is seeping into many countries of the world. We can see how it is gradually penetrating Europe and is beginning to quietly and indirectly express seemingly innocent demands: “Give us food, an allowance, a place where we can pray.” Their main objective is to increase the number of refugees among the local population. The moment their number grows to more than 10% of the population, they will begin to demand that the whole country obey them, and if not, they will use force.

But these are all invasive actions and are the reason that they are so feared, like in Russia for example. It is because the unique psychology of the Russian people will be attracted to it, especially where there are vast areas like Tatarstan, Chechnya and others that are very influential and penetrate every sector of society.

I think this compelled the Russians intervene in the situation in Syria. Not so much as their desire to occupy their bases to confront the Americans, but from the fear is that this ideology will begin to sprout in Russia.

But there will certainly be problems here in Israel as a result of Russia’s involvement in Iraq and Syria because the immigrants are already starting to flow from there. Russia will force them to spread worldwide, thus bringing them closer to our borders. What is happening on our streets now is a result of this political process.

If we look at the more internal layers, the root where the problem stems from, we will delve into the fine and delicate structures of the world that tell us why humans are controlled by nature to such a great extent, why we are in such psychological and ideological conflicts, and why this is the way we solve our problems. It is our job to find this out.
From KabTV’s “The Current Emergency Situation In Israel” 10/14/15

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