The Good Ones Are Sowing Seeds Of Good Relations

laitman_568_01Question: The new movement HaTovim (The Good Ones) is aimed at restoring the mutual guarantee between us. How can we keep the right intentions when helping one another, so that our actions will really be with the intention of in order to bestow?

Answer: We want to come to the public and sow the seeds of good mutual relations so people will begin to feel it in their relations with others, between drivers on the road, standing in line in the supermarket, anywhere. I want to feel that everywhere I meet Israelis, I am among brothers who smile and wish each other good.

HaTovim set such an example that will spread, become known, and lead to positive outcomes. It will be greatly beneficial to our nation [Israel]. All the terrorist attacks will cease and we will prosper. Everything will work out: the economy, relations between people and between parents and children, our health, and every aspect of life. Even Knesset members from different political parties will become best friends and feel they depend on one another. We want to set an example by this initiative of The Good Ones Ha Tovim) and we are sure that our nation can do it in a much better way, but someone simply has to start.

Question: We hope that many people will join us because we need volunteers to guard kindergartens. You can call 1-700-509-209 in Israel and offer your help, or you can ask for help. How will participating in such activities help a person’s spiritual advancement?

Answer: Participating in such activities helps a person’s spiritual advancement because a person joins a spiritual action. Bringing the nation of Israel love and good relations means spiritual advancement.

This is spiritual because this is how a person begins to feel the inner system of the connections between us that used to be active. Now we have to revive it after thousands of years of exile and we will suddenly feel life in these connections, which is called the next world, the spiritual world, about which we have heard so much.

The spiritual world is what we reveal in the network of good connections of love between us. Every person who has taken part in this initiative will feel how he ascends and how his life changes, as if a pillow created by our mutual guarantee has been put under him. Our good future depends only on the good relations and the connection between us.

Let’s hope that The Good Ones will bring us closer to such good relations and to the good future. Everyone has an opportunity to participate because it is not only protecting kindergartens, where we are currently focused, but it includes any act of mutual assistance.

That’s all we have to do. If we all begin to treat each other nicely, we will find our good future in it and be saved of all our troubles.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/15, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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