We Cannot Pay Back With The Same Coin

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the people of Israel are destined for oneness and an exalted goal, then why did the Jews kill an Arab teenager?

Answer: Because the people of Israel fell from the level of the First Temple and shattered. Its present condition is worse than that of the nations of the world. We still think that we are somehow better than others, that we are naturally more compassionate, and endowed with other noble intentions, that sometimes we show greater courtesy and help each other more compared to other nations.

This was particularly evident over the period of exile, when support and charity were vital for survival. That is all true. But, in fact, in this people are broken vessels, desires. Naturally, for the time being, they are still dormant, but they can awaken. In general, the Torah defines a simple approach to situations similar to the one we are experiencing today: you must stop your attacker before he kills you, but beyond that, all your other actions must aim only toward correction. And this correction manifests through unity according to the principle of “From the love for creatures to the love for the Creator”.

If somebody wants to kill us, we must address security issues and protect our lives even at the cost of the enemy’s life. But everything else, outside of defending ourselves (meaning, the corporeal correction), should be carried out by way of the spiritual correction.

As for killing an Arab teenager, such cases should be treated like any other similar crime. There is no place for leniency; people can’t do whatever they want. I say this in the context of the correction of the world: we have the right and must destroy anyone who has come to destroy us if there is no other option. But otherwise, we must employ only the power of our spiritual correction. And all of this is happening solely because we are lagging behind on this path. Only saving one’s individual life can be justified, because if I am dead, what corrections can I possibly make?

Question: So, what do we do in this particular situation?

Answer: As I have already said, we need to unite. There is nothing else we can do. We must unite tighter and tighter, until we become as one man with one heart. This means that we are not doing what we are supposed to do. All negativity coming from our neighbors and us are merely outcomes. We are the ones responsible for both.

In fact, there are quite a few people in our city who reject our true correction and believe only in the military solution to the problem. They would be happy to pay the Arabs back with their own coin. But I will argue that this is not our way. The very wish for that, even a thought or urge to do to them what they do to us is a flaw indicting that we have no connection with the true correction. It is not circulating in our blood yet, and we don’t understand that only the correct relationship between us will resolve the situation. And yet, when we come together, all heated emotions will subside not only in Israel but in the whole world.
From the 6th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/8/14, lesson on the topic “Unity of the people”

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  1. Yes. The only way forward for this planet is humanity respecting life more than political agendas. We must become the planet where all countries as seen as the goodest that it can be and total equality rain. Colour, etnicity and gender not even a consideration when dealing with global problems like hunger, poverty, clean air and water and the best affordable education for all leaners and not just the elite and rich.

    We are making progress here in South Africa but the deep wounds of the past will remain with most victims during their lifetime. Human nature does not change in one generation. We want to hope and believe that this is the last fase of correction for humanity as a whole. The international news does not support this assumption.

    Angry emotions between the nations and genders are still alive and a sad fact of this generation. Too much lip service and no heart service. We just cannot do it on our own. An international miracle is needed and only the Creator can be the origin of it. Let us ask in one request that our hearts be changed from Above.

    Bow your head and in total silence meditate on the single word CHANGE……

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