A War Is Not A Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When one hears the missile warning siren and runs for shelter, what is he supposed to be thinking at that moment?

Answer: That the Creator is reminding him about some kind of flaw, that there is something he hasn’t corrected yet, which he is supposed to have done. This is why it gets revealed through suffering and not by way of the Torah.

Question: And what should people living in other parts of the country be thinking, those who are not being under fire? After all, they are going about their lives as if nothing is happening, while in the south this leisurely life is over. How do I connect to those who are taking to shelters to the sounds of sirens and explosions?

Answer: I should be making every effort to use every opportunity to lead the people to unite. And while I am at it, I should be building intention for the situation to calm down so that we could all move forth toward the purpose of creation over this segment of the route, by following the path of the Torah and not by suffering.

And so every day, every moment, I switch the “toggle” onto the good path, to help the people in the south or (one step above it) to bring contentment to the Creator. Of course, you must stop the enemies with an army. We need peace right now, and we cannot obtain it without using force. And yet, we should be using this means only in order to get time for our correction.

A war will correct nothing. Today, the world is already aware that a war won’t bring prosperity. It is clear to everyone: force doesn’t resolve problems. Hence, we resort to military means only to stop the conflict from escalating and give ourselves time to do our primary job of unifying the nation.
From the 6th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/08/14, lesson on the topic “Unity of the people”

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  1. Christians in nigeria do not hate the jews .we visit. Israel every year on pilgrimage and want all wars between you. and your neighbours to stop where then is the hate coming from apart from your Arab neighbours .

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