The Importance Of The Convention In America

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the importance of the convention in New Jersey?

 Answer:  There is no importance in that it is precisely in New Jersey. That just happens to be the place where we have become used to holding conventions. We have already been there, so there we feel good and comfortable.

 However, in general, the convention in America is very important. It also accompanies my meetings with leaders of Jewish communities, organizations, and movements, which are also very important.

 Other than that, we know, feel, and hear about how the world is changing, and there is especially a great change in relation to Jews. Our role has become increasingly prominent and in demand. Let us hope that we will be able to come to this convention in a state where our friends and students will listen to us, including those English speakers who participate with us in all kinds of ways and levels from all around the world, and that we will be able to sweeten the development and try to bring it to a good path, as much as it is possible, from “in due time” to “I will hasten it.” This can be done only if that English-speaking Kli will accept this great mission. Every place in the world, at least in the English-speaking world, should try to do the same as what we do in Hebrew, in Israel.

 I very much hope that it will not end at the convention, but that we will keep working before and after the convention. Also, I very much hope that we will accept this important work that has now been cast upon us, which has befallen us, with a lot of importance, with awareness of how important and unique our role is, and especially that the American Kli will become like a pipe to the whole world. This is because their language, approach, and ability is truly unlimited, and we very much need it.

 I very much look forward to bringing a much broader public, which is not that connected to us, closer to us at the convention, that they will understand what we need to do, what the correct implementation of the wisdom of Kabbalah is. We have more work to do in this, and so I have great hope.

 I am very grateful to all the people who are engaged in the convention preparation. According to the importance they feel for the convention, I thus certainly expect it to be incredibly strong. It will be the last in a series of conventions that we will be holding in the American continent.

Therefore, I also very much hope that all our friends who can be in contact and support of it, not only from Israel, but from the whole world, will join in and support it, and we will turn the New Jersey Convention into a World Convention. 

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