All Of Us Are Equal, Like Children To Their Mother

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we come to a convention, we find ourselves in the company of people who are strangers whom we have never seen before. We don’t feel and don’t understand each other, but this is not important. If I know that I must connect with others in order to connect to the Creator, then I can enter any group.

It doesn’t concern me who is sitting there, from what country they come, or even what language they speak. The main thing for me is to participate emotionally and internally in this circle.

It is not important to me if we are speaking the same language and we know each other well, if we are close friends or seeing each other for the first time. This doesn’t change anything. The main thing is to rise above our ego and to want to be integrated into their circle in order to attain unity and through it, to let the Creator hear what we want.

So the rules of conduct in a group or at the time of a workshop are as follows:

we are all equal as children before the mother

  1. Nobody thinks about himself. There is no me!
  2. Everyone must feel that the rest of the friends are greater than himself (I < 9). In everything, the friends are higher than I am and I disappear in them as the smallest.
  3. Connection above all of our particular, personal characteristics is the Kli (vessel) in which the Creator is discovered. For the Creator (Bore) is “Come and See” (Bo Re); this means that we reach this state and find the Creator there. So our Kli is equal to the Creator. To the degree of the intensity of the Kli, its power (Bo), I can discover the Creator (Re). There is no measurement of the Creator. We don’t know His true measurements. But we discover Him according to how much we have prepared our Kli (Bo): to this degree we see Him (Re).
  4. At the time of the workshop nobody disagrees with the opinion of another. There are no questions: Each one only adds (10 = 1 + 1 + 1 …). What is important is the pluses and not the ones. The one whose turn is next only adds to the previous one, and nobody argues.

Even if I haven’t succeeded in rising above my critical attitude and it seems to me that someone else said something wrong, I must immediately correct myself. If I hear that a friend said something wrong, this means that I am not okay.

So everyone only adds and adds to what was said by the others. Someone can give some kind of conjecture, I continue, and then comes the next one in turn. So we constantly add. There are no great or small in our connection, all are equal.

It doesn’t matter what kind of seniority one has in a group, young or old, or more or less understanding. Among all of our physical characteristics in this world there is nothing that can violate our equality. In the spiritual world, all of us are equal, like children to their mother.
From the Convention In France “One For All And All For One,” Day Two 5/10/14, Lesson 2

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