A Supplier Of The Power Of Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does the connection between us mean?

Answer: Imagine that once we were connected like one family and then we drew apart. A certain force dispersed all the members of the family in different directions. Father went in one direction and mother in another, the kids were put in a home where no one cares about them, and the grandparents were sent to a retirement home. Once there was a family and now there isn’t one anymore: Everyone quarreled and dispersed so they only feel hatred and repulsion towards each other and refuse to acknowledge one another. No one is concerned about past memories of love and no one wants to get together again.

Still, there comes a chance to meet and to feel the warmth and the security of a family, but it doesn’t appeal to them, so what can we do? The father doesn’t want to come back to the mother, and the mother doesn’t want to come back to him; the kids are grown and are estranged from the parents after all these years, and the grandparents are very old.

It seems that there is a big family but everyone is detached from everyone else. They remember that once they were a united family, but it was a long time ago. What can they do? How is it possible to connect them in order to see them all as one happy united family where one can sit together and enjoy a good warm atmosphere? How can they be connected?

Question: Can they be gathered into one place so they will begin to communicate?

Answer: But they don’t want to meet! And even if they sit together, they don’t look at one another. They don’t realize that all the problems they have separately result from the lack of connection between them. And you cannot convince them.

If there were an obvious material gain, for example, suppose everyone has to pay taxes and if they unite they would benefit a lot and would only have to pay for one family, then it would obviously be worthwhile. But if there is no actual benefit that can be immediately reflected in their pocket or in their health, it’s a problem.

It’s hard to connect people even egoistically. We convince them that we prevent wars, achieve peace, and social success, but people still don’t listen to us and don’t want to connect. Apparently their agreement depends on receiving blows or from our dissemination, it’s one of the two. There are only two options: blows or dissemination.

Everyone is an egoist and everything depends on your ability to convince him that it’s worthwhile to connect. Everyone lacks something and if he doesn’t agree with you, it means that you failed to reach his deficiency and to convince him that he actually yearns for connection. We should know exactly what the people want and begin to talk to them by this immediate deficiency, like good salespeople.

Question: But what should I do if I don’t know how to convince people?

Answer: You shouldn’t worry. If you have a strong connection with the friends, then the moment you arrive and open your mouth everyone will immediately understand that you are right even before you begin to speak. You will be the supplier of the power of connection.

If there is no such connection, you have to go out to disseminate, to see your lack of success and then come back to the friends and try to connect with them, so that the upper force will be revealed between you. The upper force is conveyed to the public through your connection with the friends. This means that the Creator will fight for you and it isn’t you that fights. You only have to raise your hands like Moses and see how easily you beat Amalek. It isn’t a problem; you only have to convey the upper force through you. It isn’t by my force and might that the war is won,  it is the Creator, the Light does it.

Can you do something with the vessels (the desires), especially when you are in them? You are not the upper force, the force that is external to them. Only the Light can do that and you only have to draw the Light that Reforms and to focus it on the place where you feel the lack of correction.

Question: What does it mean to focus the Light when we are in the lesson, separated from one another?

Answer: Pray for all of us, so that the Creator will influence the connection between us and will connect us. This is all we need. The closer we become, this closeness is called the worlds: Assiya, Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut, until we merge into what is called the world of Infinity. Then all the barriers disappear.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/14, The Zohar

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