The Mighty Power Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanNothing will be easy, everything will seem impossible if a person sees from the power of his individuality and not from the power of the group. If a person knows how to go out to every activity equipped with the power of the group, then there will be no difficulty for him!

Therefore it seemed to us that we couldn’t do anything in the world, and we began to complain about our weakness and inability. Everyone looks inside himself and thinks: “How will I do this?!” Certainly he cannot do anything alone. But if he relies on the power of the group, then he no longer needs to do anything. If we connect and make one step towards the goal, then we have already attained it. Our work is not in attaining the goal; rather, it is in preparing the Kli that will be ready to receive it.

It is very important to determine what the goal is, the way and the steps towards it. But the approach must be like this, that we attain everything only with the power of connection. And our problem is that each one looks out from himself: “How will I carry this out, how will I turn to people, how will I convince them?”

We cannot evade and escape dissemination; we cannot be closed within four walls and only study. The world demands our full participation and evading this obligation destroys everything.

If a person comes and says that he is not able to succeed in some dissemination activities, this indicates that he is not with the group at all. All of his explanations about his lack of success are not important at all, there is only one reason: he doesn’t include the power of the group.

It makes no difference who the person himself is, what his characteristics are, where he is going, with whom he speaks, or what he does, the main thing is, does he have the power to integrate into a group or not? It is only our power of unity that is active.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/18/14

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