A Formula For Focusing The Picture

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we read The Zohar it sounds like music, but at the same time I try to understand the meaning of the words and not to forget the right intention. However, it is impossible to remember everything at once. So what is most important?

Answer: While listening to the pleasant voice of the reader and enjoying the music of The Zohar, it is most important to keep thinking about my own problems, which means to keep thinking about how I can reach the love of friends where I can feel something towards the Creator.

The Zohar tells us about what was revealed to people who managed to connect. It is very simple: When you connect somehow you suddenly hear; it is as if you have caught a radio wave and you suddenly see it. These are the two levels of attainment: Hassadim and Hochma, and they write about what they see.

This is how The Book of Zohar was written. Now we have to try to connect between us just like they did in order to see what they see.

We now see a very special form on the level of this world with our corporeal heart and mind. It is the form of the infinite shattering. We have to try to reveal the dependence of our attitude to the society, the Creator, and this picture. This means that I want to see how my perspective of the world and of the way I feel the world changes by changing my attitude towards the society and the Creator with an increasingly stronger connection.

I want to find the formula of how to connect more strongly, to yearn for the Creator, the mutual guarantee, to make efforts during the study to reveal the force that is between us and the whole world, to reach a certain level, and reveal a new form to us.

We have to start working on it in practice. The Zohar brings us to that by showing us states and events in which we should understand what the authors of The Zohar have revealed: People sitting in a cave in the second century BC, after the destruction of the Temple, when the land of Israel is desolate and everyone is in an awful state, and still they reach such high levels of spiritual attainment.

See the levels they write about: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, about all the states until the end of correction; it is all the revelation of hatred and the revelation of adhesion.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/17/14, The Zohar

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