A Remote Way Station

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf a goal is unattainable, I forget about it. It is said, “A person doesn’t covet the daughter of the king,” only a prince can marry her. And if I am not a prince and I have no chance, why should I be sorry all my life about something that is unattainable? My desire to receive, which is a desire for pleasure, will not let me suffer. So there are many things in the world that I don’t see at all, they are not within my field of vision. Subconsciously I think that they are unattainable, so they don’t even come up in my mind. There are people for whom the desire to marry the king’s daughter burns because they have a chance to attain this with the help of all kinds of tricks. And if I have no chance, I am calm.

So the more we rise, the more suffering and problems we feel because we are made more worthy of attainments, greater rewards, and fulfillments. So a person is always in a dilemma: either he improves, changes, advances (and this is a long path), and pays dearly for this, or he stops being sorry about it and this disappears from his field of vision as if it didn’t exist. The choice is in his hands!

So there are people who say, “There is no choice” and they continue on the spiritual path, and there are those who say, “There is no choice” and they go back to the materialistic existence. Both of these say, “There is no choice,” but the question is to what it refers?

Question: But we have no concept of what the bestowal is! Is there some kind of indication from which we can begin?

Answer: Certainly there is, this is clarification among the friends. The Creator is not revealed in any lofty matters. He creates problems for you in your daily life so that you will learn from them, first, that you are not able to change them. You have no control over the situation. There are a thousand different factors, and they also don’t determine anything, they only serve one power that arranges the whole mess for you. This power is the opposite of connection, the opposite of love, and this is what you must clarify. And so it follows that it’s up to you to locate the connection and the love only to clarify upon what they depend. They depend on a power that exists outside of you.

You reach connection with others and you see that this is unsuccessful, and so you summon the power that can influence the connection and correct it. This is a very simple and practical method; nothing exists outside of this.

We think that it’s necessary to work and to study a lot, to build cities, to organize the world, but nothing is needed! We must only begin by organizing the relationships between us and rise.

But instead of this, we get off the train too early at some remote way station where there is nothing but stinking garbage and bandits who are roaming around. And suddenly you are left at this station forever and this is where you are buried.  This is our life instead of doing everything rapidly and rising! The main thing is to begin to do everything together and constantly connect more and more and not relax.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/14, Writings of Rabash

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