The Purpose Of Life Is The Revelation Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe always clarify the issue of “there is none else besides Him” in our conventions. It’s a very important issue because it actually opens up the essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah, meaning the method for the revelation of the Creator, the only force that operates in all of creation.

Besides this force there is nothing else indeed. Everything else is what it generates, develops, what it motivates and manages. Everything depends on this one unique force. It makes no difference whether we call it “Nature” or the “Creator”; it creates and manages everything, but it’s actually one.

Unlike other parts of nature (the still, vegetative, and animate), man has a goal, a role, a purpose, and he has to attain it: to discover this force and to feel it. The perception of this force and its revelation happens according to the basic law of physics, the basic law of nature, the law of equivalence of form: To the extent that our attributes are similar to the Creator’s, we feel Him, become part of Him, and merge with Him.

The Creator constantly pushes us towards this state so that we will attain Him. This movement occurs from the beginning of the creation to its end, until we fully discover Him. We start the path of revealing and attaining the Creator while being in our world.

Our world conceals the Creator from us.

The Purpose of Life is the Revelation of the Creator

The Creator influences this world. He influences us and if we perceive His influence correctly as essential so as to attain Him from within and from this world, then we advance towards the Creator. We are given the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to attune ourselves to the revelation of the Creator through the outward shell of our world.

By revealing the Creator we attain our source, our root, the state of eternity and perfection. We can detach from our body to such a degree that our body (drawn as a point from which we attain Him, the point in the heart) and our world suddenly disappear.

We begin to feel that there is one Creator in all this, one upper Light. Everything that was previously depicted to us, our body, the five senses, by which we felt ourselves and the world, all seem to evaporate, disappear, and through this we see the one upper Light.

This is the state we need to reach. It’s very real, much more real than our “illusive” world. The article “There is None Else Besides Him” tells us how to do that.
From the European Convention 3/23/13, Lesson 3

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