In The Middle Of The Crossfire

Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, Volume 2, “What is the Prohibition to Greet Another Before Greeting the Creator, in the Work”: The most difficult part in the work is the order of the work that consists of two things that contradict one another, and it is hard to understand how they can both be true, when we attribute the work to the Creator, believing that the Creator accepts our work no matter how we see it.

This means that it doesn’t matter whether a person works for the greatness of reason and understanding, whether a person attributes the work to the Creator, which means that he works with the intention of in order to bestow; the Creator accepts his work willingly. This means that a person has to follow the right line that is considered wholeness, to pray to the Creator, and to thank Him, even if he doesn’t find any desire for spirituality in him. Otherwise, how can he thank the Creator and say that the Creator hears what he says to Him?

If he can thank the Creator, he feels joy and from “Lo Lishma (not for Her sake) he arrives at Lishma (for Her sake),” and thus he rises from his state of wholeness. Since the gratitude that he feels towards the Creator makes a person feel that he is whole, and to the extent  the joy he feels he continues, he is able to rise to the next level.

The state itself doesn’t change, it is constant. Only a person’s attitude towards it changes, his perception of it, and it happens to the extent that he clarifies and correctly interprets this state, his reaction to the constant state in which he exists all the time.

New Reshimot (spiritual records) are revealed in him each time, and he judges the upper Light, the level of bestowal that is revealed to him. So he is constantly going through inner changes, which means that his evaluation of the attributes such as bestowal, connection, and love, all the attributes that belong to spirituality, to the idea of the Creator, change as well.

This is revealed in a person’s shattered or partly corrected desires (vessels),and hence all the changes take place only internally. Therefore, everything depends on how he corrects his vessels and brings them closer to the Light. Everything depends on the equivalence of form, to the extent that the Reshimot that are constantly revealed match the Light. The only way to make them equivalent to the Light is by the environment that serves as an adapter between the Reshimot that are revealed and the Light.

If a person uses the environment and his Reshimot correctly, he can reach adhesion with the Light very quickly in every state. Then he can feel that his state is good. Of course, he does that not in order to feel good, but in order to resemble the Light and to detach himself from the egoistic accounts, to truly become the one who bestows. Here one ascends the levels of consciousness, of understanding, and of the appreciation of the Light.

We must tie these two sensations together, the two factors that contradict each other, the contradiction that we discover, and it’s only possible when a person transcends himself. On one hand, everything is “against” bestowal, and on the other, everything is “for” it, and a person doesn’t know what to do. This is the world; this is the way a person is internally, so how can we tie these two opposites? It’s impossible unless the third factor comes and decides between them. This requires studying and lots of experience so that a person will understand that this is the only way to advance.

On one hand, he feels absolute helplessness, tension and doesn’t understand how he can come out of this state and be saved from the threat of Pharaoh.”On the other, he understands that there is no room for such states in love and bestowal, where everything has to be nice, good, and perfect!

The world is divided into two armies: The forces of evil, conflict, hate, and separation are confronting the positive, good forces of connection and love, and there is nothing in between. All this is so that the third Participant will come and decide between them. Only the Creator can make peace between the two hostile parties, which is called “My sons have defeated me.” It says: “He who makes peace in Heaven will bring peace unto us.” This is already work in three lines.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/19/13

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