Seeing Revealed Mercies

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “What is Thou Shall Not Add and Thou Shall Not Detract, in the Work”: The matter of “right” means to the right.

This means that a person should believe above reason and depict to himself as if he has already been awarded with God’s faith, feeling it in his body, seeing and feeling that the Creator rules the whole world and is totally good and benevolent. And although when he sees things within reason, he sees the opposite, in any case he has to work above reason and he should feel as if he already feels it in his body, that that’s the way things actually are, that the Creator rules the world as the good and the benevolent.

And he feels that he has the power to say to the Creator, “You have chosen us of all the nations, You have loved us and wanted us,” since he already has something to be grateful for with regard to the Creator. And according to the importance of spirituality that he feels, he arranges the Creator’s praise.

After a person already feels the importance of spirituality, which is called, “a person should always arrange the Creator’s praise,” then it is time for him to move to the left line and check how he really feels the importance of the King within reason, and whether he is really ready to work only for the Creator’s benefit.

And when within reason he sees he has no strength for this, and that the importance of spirituality is only above reason for him, this calculation can generate a deficiency for him, pain and sorrow since he is in a state of absolute lowliness, and he can then pray a true prayer from the bottom of his heart, for what he lacks.

A person should imagine two points: to what extent he is “within reason” and “above reason.” Then he will really want to rise “above reason” and draw himself to the upper level and come to a prayer. Thus he can advance.

A person should examine his current state and rise above it in “faith above reason,” in order to see that the Creator, the ruler, is good and benevolent in everything a person has. He examines himself in every way and justifies the Creator “above reason.”

Then he checks whether “within reason” he is also ready to reach the same conclusion and sees that it isn’t so, since his reason is based on what his eyes see. Then a prayer grows in the gap between what he sees “within reason” and “above reason.”

But this is true if a person feels happy. The right prayer in spirituality is made of opposite discernments. On the one hand, I should be happy since I am in contact with the Creator and I have someone to turn to. I am sure that He will help me and that He is good and benevolent and everything is fine!

I never ask the Creator to improve my situation, but I ask Him to change my perception of my situation. It is because now I see that I am in a sea of absolute love and that there is nothing else besides that. But because I am not corrected I see something else. We have never left the world of Ein Sof (Infinity), but we have to determine the right attitude towards it.

Each time new details are revealed to me, I have to change my attitude, which means my intention. This is why I pray to the Creator to correct me, to allow me to see Him as revealed mercies. It is a very important moment. I shouldn’t ask the Creator to correct my state, as if I ask the Creator to correct His actions, but rather to correct me so that I will see His creation as it actually is, which means only in a positive way.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/1/13

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