Things Are Not As Difficult As They Seem!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe read so much from different Kabbalistic sources, we see ourselves and the world in different potential situations, and it seems that correction is a very complex and difficult thing which is practically impossible.

That’s the way it seems until a person understands that all he has to do is to check for and to identify the corruptions as much as he can and ask for their correction. We don’t have to think about how they will be corrected since we can never understand and even imagine what state will come instead of the corrupt state. We only have to want to correct each and every state.

Our problem is only in what we mean by the concept correction. Suppose I have a car and I see different malfunctions in it: There is flat tire, a problem in a piston, or in some other part. My request should be not about fixing the car, but about using it. Then I will discover that it is fixed.

We have to correct our intention and not the action. This is what we forget, because we want to see the corrected state. But things can be corrected only according to how we can and want to use it correctly, in the right direction, in the right action. Otherwise…the car is on the edge of a cliff, and I have to say in which direction I want to drive it. It will remain out of order unless I choose the right direction, because we “rise in Holiness and not lower in Holiness.” That’s the only way!

It is very important to know this: We don’t correct the action but the intention. This is a totally different level of perception; it is as if I choose different glasses in order to look at life, in the derivative. If this is how I begin to see things, then the correction itself is not difficult any more and is not a problem at all, since it isn’t my responsibility. I only have to choose how to use correctly what is being corrected. It says: “make you desire His desire”; if my intentions in using this part of the desire are absolutely identical to the Creator’s intentions, then it is corrected immediately; the Light completes everything.

To a certain extent this is a wonder. Look at it this way and it will help you differentiate between the action and the intention, since this is a mistake that constantly drags us to actions and constantly takes us to a plane that is totally irrelevant for us, to a corporeal plane and not to the “human” level. The “human” level is similar to the Creator, and if it is similar, then the Host and I are at the table and the table is only the reason for being connected to one another. The main thing is the intention, the relations between us and not all the delicacies on the table.

So don’t look at the world as something that is difficult to correct. On the contrary, sensitivity in identifying what needs to be corrected, that must be corrected on my part, is the whole problem.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 01/01/13, The Zohar

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