Intention Is The Complete Action Plan

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is “intention”?

Answer: Let’s say desire is in one state now and wishes to move to another. To do so, it needs to induce an action that will transfer it from the first state to the second. The plan implies the following: precise knowledge of where I am, where I wish to be, and what action and forces are required to move me from state to state. This whole program is what we call “intention” or the plan.

It is as though “the plan of creation” is the complete program defining how to start and what to finish with, what steps to take on the way, how to use the materials, forces, and instruments to carry out its initial thought. It is said: “The end result is in its initial thought.”

In intention, all of this exists in potential and then is actualized in practice. This means that intention appears in me only when I’m well aware of the present state and know exactly what I want to achieve. What do they usually ask: “What are your intentions? What do you want to gain? What results do you expect?”

Intention is an expression of the need for change that we already plan, understand, experience, implement, and bring to completion. The action itself is carried out by way of the force of Light and, hence, it doesn’t pertain to the created being. Only intentions have something to do with the creature: how well it has known itself, the Creator and how and in what form it makes the Creator act. A person needs to know as much as possible.

As I keep growing, ascending the ladder of the spiritual degrees, I demand more from the Creator, specifying all of the details of His actions. I already know how He acts and how it will affect me. I know, in every detail and peculiarity, how it will take place within me, in my “body” (desires). From my experience of Him and myself, I already know how it will all occur.

In the end, I obtain such details that I can manage His program for Him: I understand this entire program, every element of it, all of its mechanisms to the tiniest twists. When I come to the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun), I get to know His entire plan from the beginning to the end, all of the steps, from His side and mine. It means that I have acquired complete intention.

The Light is always in action. But how it acts and how I should demand from Him to transform me, all of this is the work of a person who needs to know the Creator, the relationship between the Light and desire.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/3/2011Talmud Eser Sefirot

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