Promotion Of Isis On The Internet

laitman_206Opinion (E Novitski): “The terrorist group ‘the Islamic State (ISIS)’ in the past 10 months has surpassed all of its ‘colleagues’ in popularity including the infamous ‘Al-Qaeda.’

“The subject ‘ISIS’ on the Internet is the most discussed in American media environment, and the number of mentions of terrorists has exceeded 250 million. Articles with links of ‘Al- Qaeda did not exceed 45 million. This group became the most famous in the history of international terrorist organizations.

“Against this background, the FBI is concerned about the propaganda of radical Islamic in the social networks Facebook and Twitter. The fanatics are gaining the trust of minors and recruit them to their religious movement.

“Young men follow the idea to take up a noble engagement—to protect the weak with weapons in their hands. Young women are invited to become the wives of these soldiers and gain the comfort of family.

“In one social network Twitter, terrorists are using more than 90,000 accounts, and through the video services of YouTube and Google, the Internet has available records of executions and tortures. In the popular networking site Facebook, there are many groups that in one way or another support the ideas and actions of ISIS.

“Most young people do not watch TV and do not analyze the news, which condemns the actions of ISIS, and calls the organization the cruelest organization. Adolescents receive information directly from the militants and feel there is nothing suspect about executions, torture, and massacres based on Sharia law.

“The appearance and promotion of the brand ISIS comes from none other than the absurd freedom of speech. Special security services automatically block any neo-Nazi content, but do not respond to the harsh propaganda of ISIS.

“Although the material published by terrorists is disgusting, feelings gradually become dulled as the users of the network daily receive new portions of content and calls for Jihad.

“Technically limiting network activity is easy. An example is the mass removal of material containing children pornography from the Internet in recent years. But the fighters of the Islamic state are taking advantage of the freedom that the Internet gives them steadily gains popularity.

“In less than a year of vigorous activity, they were able ‘to become famous’ in the whole world. Moreover, by means of the media, they have attracted to their ranks more than 20,000 foreigners, including minors.

“The budget of the organization, according to independent estimates, is up to several hundred million dollars, and was created thanks to massive donations for their benefit. The terrorists put their strategic plans on the Internet without fear and willfully declare their desire to conquer the Middle East, North Africa, and part of Asia.”

My Comment: In our world, the evil has an advantage over the good in all levels, even if it is harmful and deadly! We must act, and on the level of the DHS and FBI through banning the propaganda. But in general, to carry out actions of correction is against the nature of our world, and only the Upper Light (Ohr Makif) is able to correct our nature partially or fully.

Our attempts to correct ourselves and society worked until our time, but when we became integral (from the year 1995), then only the Upper Light can change us. Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed, and now humanity needs to see that only in its use the correction of the world is concealed.

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