The Heart Of The Nation

The Heart Of The NationQuestion: What connection is required of us? Is it the same thoughts and opinions?

Answer: How is each of us connected with their children? Do we have the same thoughts and opinions as they do? However, love will cover all sins!

Comment: This is quite true, but we are quite different in our home. Even twins are different. Therefore, it is impossible to reach the same opinion, yet we are very connected and close to each other. I do not know how it happens, but we are united by hearts.

Answer: It is that you love your children, despite all the differences between you. This is the kind of connection that is called “Love covers all transgressions.”

Question: Does it turn out that everyone can stay with his views, left or right?

Answer: Of course. If my children do not share my views, does this reduce my love for them? No! They are totally unrelated things. Similarly, it is in relation to other people.

Question: The last war revealed sharp differences among the people, between left and right, hardliners and peacekeepers. If we achieve unity of the people, will everyone be able to have his opinion?

Answer: In any case, I will feel one man with one heart, regardless of the differences in our views. Love between us must be paramount to bring us to unity, to the connection of one man with one heart, and under all that, if we have differences, that’s not so bad.

Question: However, if there is a disagreement of opinion, is it very hard to connect?

Answer: Suppose that there are differences, but the “One who creates peace in heaven will unite us.” We finally will understand how to do this. You just need to begin to act. There is no need to try to understand everything in advance. We are not capable of this now. So, we should just start to work, to unite with each other, to participate in workshops and discussions in circles.

Thus, we will discover that even though we are all different and distant from each other, despite this, we can build a common center of feeling. In this overall experience, we feel together as one heart for everyone.

When we are sitting together and talking, everyone trying to get out of himself and become integrated with others, in the center of our connection, we turn into one person with one heart. By this, we will open the tap, and the Light is shed through such a united group to the entire world.

If ten men of the people of Israel try to unite in this way, then as a result, millions of people of the nations of the world will feel that their lives are improving and thus, will change their attitude toward Israel, and if the world’s opinion changes, Hamas will not be able to do anything against us!

Question: What hope can you give us to solve this crisis?

Answer: I do not give any hope, but I am giving you an effective tool, the tool to unite people. What is required from us is not faith, but action. I wish us luck!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/22/14

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