Don’t Correct, Unite!

laitman_936Question: You say that we don’t need to correct anyone in order to unite, what does that mean? We have witnessed terrible atrocities by murderers and criminals lately. Don’t we have to correct these people?

Answer: No, we should only let such people understand that they need everyone else, and everyone should remain the way they are and should only have to connect and unite. If a person hates someone, he has to ascend above the feeling of hate and try not to remove it or get rid of it by killing others, since if he does so he doesn’t get rid of the hate, but rather intensifies it even more. It it is written: “love will cover all the sins.” Sins refer to the differences between us, which remain but which we cover by love.

See how nature works: minus and plus connect; molecules are formed and their combinations give birth to different creatures, protein bodies, etc. All the differences, the oppositeness and the contradictions between them remain, but they know how to connect correctly in order to complement one another. This is the whole secret.

We have to do the same on the human level, in our consciousness, and then our life will be wonderful. It is actually the connection between all of mankind who are so different from one another that the upper state is revealed. We will discover the future world, life according to the soul not according to our corporeal body, above our protein corporeal life. It is actually by our thoughts, desires, and our different attributes that the one body called the soul, which is one for all, is built when they complement each other in order to connect. Then everyone begins to feel the upper state, the upper world.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/2/15

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