Who Determines The State Of The World?

laitman_259_02In the last few decades the world entered into a period of crisis, just like the world experienced in ancient Babylon. Specifically then the Jews began to exist as a single united people, and after that fell from this level and were scattered throughout the world.

The wisdom of Kabbalah warns about the recurrence of the general world crisis, so it simultaneously offered an instruction manual and guidebook that explains what the Jews must do to again reach union, becoming a beacon for the nations and bringing the world to the good.

If now, when we have become separated, we willingly begin to connect, this will establish the good way for the world to achieve its mission. All of the leading anti-Semites understood very well that we determine the state of the world; they rebuked and condemned us for not fulfilling our role. So if we wish good for ourselves and for all of humanity and we want to put an end to anti-Semitism, we need to remember that everything depends only on us and not on the world. The world is only the result of our internal state.
From an Interview on RTN, New York, 7/21/15

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