Listening To The Advice Of Kabbalists

laitman_227Question: Does a person have a soul?

Answer: We must create the soul inside us. The soul is the mutual connection between us, which means the complementing of the hearts. If we attain at least a partial mutual connection, we will feel the next upper state inside of it. Therefore, “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is the main law of the Torah.

Question: Does that mean that spiritual values and mental attributes are empty words?

Answer: These concepts are typical of the level of our world and serve only to establish some pleasant form of communication between us and nothing more than that.

In order to call myself a spiritual creature, which means a creature who has an upper mind and not just a creature who can create the next generation and hurt others, we need to make internal efforts in studying the wisdom of Kabbalah.

There is no other method like it because all the other methods stem from human thinking, while the wisdom of Kabbalah stems from the revelation of the upper system, of the upper providence.

Question: Does this mean that you suggest that we throw off the ship of today all of the greatest philosophers in human history who made up ideas that stemmed from their own mind?

Answer: No, the wisdom of Kabbalah relates to science with great respect, but to real science. If you refer to philosophy, then as a doctor of philosophy, I believe that it is a science because philosophy doesn’t explore nature and cannot claim to bring the truth because it is only about speculations stemming from human imagination. On the whole, everyone relates to it today anyway.

Question: Can we say that if we listen to what Kabbalists say, we could prevent different natural disasters?

Answer: If people had listened to Kabbalists, everything would have been different a long time ago. However, the moment we begin to read about and fulfill the rule of “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” everyone immediately turns their back. When you use nice words and say things that we don’t understand, we feel that you are asking us to do things that are impossible to do.

People don’t understand that it is the general law of nature, the harmony nature will bring us to in any case, but through the path of suffering. We, on the other hand, must understand and realize that we can advance by positive actions and avoid different crises.
From an Interview on RTN, New York, 7/21/15

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