Forty Years Of Clarifications

Laitman_167Question: Do you have sensations that you did something that was not needed on the spiritual path?

Answer: Certainly! That is found in everyone. Moreover, you suddenly wake up in a terrible sweat and begin to agonize over why it happened this way, why did I do it? You see the “unintentional mistakes,” your failures, and blame them only on yourself. But it is necessary to immediately recognize the fact that all of this was arranged from Above, and now you are being shown that deep inside you, you still have not corrected these states, you still aren’t devoted to the program of creation, you need to move towards this, and that all of this belongs to the Creator, not to you. So all of your mistakes and transgressions are only unintentional; rather, they are only the discovery of one’s own egoism.

Question: What period must pass between these sufferings and the understanding that all of this comes to us from the system of creation?

Answer: There are forty years until the complete correction. What does “forty years” mean? This is a cycle during which you completely transfer all of the mistakes and transgressions to the characteristic of Bina, the characteristic of complete bestowal, and then you understand that all of this is not you and not from you. And all of the correction is in this.

Question: Along with this are there some memories and pain that remain?

Answer: These memories will haunt you hundreds of times and in all kinds of different combinations. That is how it happens according to the entire system of management. You must feel deeply how all of this rises up in you. You rebuke yourself about what you went through, about the harm that you caused someone, about the bad view of others and so forth. And this is repeated over and over again because it is necessary to be uprooted from the source, to rot completely.

Forty years is an ascent to Bina. Only then does the characteristic of bestowal and love, the connection with the Creator, fully dominate you; you are included within the origin of all that is happening and no longer attribute this to yourself. You begin to understand that the Creator teaches you in such a manner.

And here it is not those same people whom you wronged, whom you thought badly about; this is all one system and it is entirely in you. So the feeling of “I” and “them,” “Creator,” and so forth is lost to you. When all of this is connected together in the characteristic of Bina it is then that you are corrected, but not before. So you constantly stumble and encounter these things, and all the time this will be a serious awakening. This is our work, the natural stages of development.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/6/15

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