Looking At The World Of Ein Sof (Infinity) With And Without Glasses

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It’s unclear how there is still a hierarchy in which there are those who dominate and those who are dominated in a closed, healthy system that is totally connected and all its parts are equal. The hierarchical mechanism is based on linear domination and on an accurate order of cause and effect. So can a linear mechanism be part of a round network?

Answer: It’s hard to perceive the dualism of spirituality that is caused by the fact that we are under the influence of two forces. We are influenced by Malchut of Ein Sof before the first restriction where everything was one with the Creator and everyone was equal.

After the first restriction a line was created through which we descended from the world of Ein Sof into this world by 125 steps and then return through it to Ein Sof. But what is the difference, for example, between level 80 and level 81?

Looking At The World Of Ein Sof (Infinity) With And Without Glasses
On level 81 there is a stronger connection and also a stronger influence, so on level 80 the world of Ein Sof, which means its infinite mutual connection, seems to us at an intensity level of 80 units out of 125. On level 81, the world of Ein Sof is revealed to us at the level of intensity of 81 out of 125.

But these two forces operate in every state. So, on the one hand, we have to constantly see the world of Ein Sof as the goal in which we are incorporated in the Creator in adhesion with Him. On the other hand, we can advance to the perfect “round” state only with the help of serial linear actions.

It’s a wonder that after taking a step I incorporate into wholeness in the world of Ein Sof! Then I start to work with my desire to receive again, with the Masach (screen), measuring everything accurately which means that I don’t operate in Ein Sof anymore, but in a line. I draw the Light that Reforms, perform a spiritual action, take another step, and then there is the wonder again, I am in the breathtaking world of Ein Sof again!

In what way is the new Ein Sof greater than the previous one? There are more whole attributes in it, round attributes, although I managed to reach the round wholeness by the straight linear way.

Thus we get the outline of creation in which straightness connects the circles. On every level, the first three Sefirot are connected with all the ten Sefirot of that circle. This means that we are always both in a straight state and in a round one.

It is a person who connects the linear advancement with the round one. The creation is linear and the Creator is wholeness, round, and a person’s work is to connect them, and to turn the darkness into light, and the bitter to sweet. A person attains the Creator forever after he turns the line into a circle in the point of connection between the line and the circle.

But he attains Ein Sof on every level, even on the lowest level. In the meantime, however, he finds it hard to see as if looking at it without glasses.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/04/13, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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